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HuffPo: Dig In and Fight, Rather Than Follow Laws Protecting Gun Rights

On January 11, Breitbart News reported on a Pennsylvania preemption law that recognizes gun owners' rights to "seek damages" from municipalities if those municipalities have ordinances regulating the "ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation of guns and ammunition" that are in conflict with state laws on the same.
Amy Stinnett, Fox News

7-Year-Old Ordered To Shave Off Haircut Honoring Soldier Or Face Suspension

Second grader Adam Stinnett is so proud of his older stepbrother--a soldier in the US Army--that he got his hair cut in the classic "high-and-tight" military style to honor him. But the principal at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary did not approve, and sent a letter home informing Adam's mother to shave off the military haircut or her son "could not return to school."

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