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New York City: More Gun Control, More Shootings

In January 2013, one month after the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) successfully pressed for the SAFE Act, a massive body of gun control legislation aimed at curbing violent crime. Just two years later, however, the number of shootings and murders have increased.
AP Photo/The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stephanie S. Cordle

Moms Demand Loses: WV Senate Votes to Repeal Concealed Permit Requirement

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has been on somewhat of a skid for quite some time--from Staples headquarters telling group members to get off its property to Starbucks refusing to ban guns in its stores, Moms Demand Action's claims notwithstanding, to Kroger, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) ignoring its gun control requests, as well.
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WaPo Tries to Stir Up Panic to Reverse Constitutional Carry Momentum

With support for Constitutional Carry gaining momentum in a manner reminiscent of the way concealed carry gained momentum before sweeping the country in the 1990s, The Washington Post (WaPo) has resorted to trying to stir up enough panic to get numerous state legislatures to abandon the idea.

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