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Donald Trump not a Nazi  APJae C. Hong

The New Stop-Trump Campaign: He’s a Nazi!

In their desperate quest to end the candidacy of Donald Trump, the media, Democrats, and even fellow Republican candidates have gone Full Godwin on the richly-coiffed real estate mogul: they’re saying he’s a Nazi.

White House/Flickr

Why Hillary and Obama Prefer Islam to Christianity

On Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the American woman most responsible for the current refugee crisis in the Middle East, blasted Republicans for not wanting to accept unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees in the aftermath of last week’s Paris terror attacks.

Calais Migrants Line Up AP PhotoMarkus Schreiber

Obama: ‘Un-American’ Not to Take in More Muslim Refugees

President Obama wants more Syrian Muslim refugees in the West. Speaking in Turkey on Monday, Obama explained that the West needed to open its heart to Muslim refugees, who after all were fleeing from terrorism in the Middle East to the safe and warm arms of the West. Meanwhile, Obama continued to maintain that Islamic radicalism presents no threat to the world.

University-of-Missouri-Turm (1)

Mizzou Misérable: Here’s What These Fascist Student Protesters Are Actually Demanding

The kiddie Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is in full swing. One the one hand, we’ve got the Pantywaist Fascists too timid to handle “microaggressions” but just aggressive enough to call the cops for hurt feelings, the racists who ban white students from their “safe spaces,” and their weak-kneed allies calling for “muscle” against reporters. On the other, we’ve got the intellectual flotsam of the Occupy Wall Street movement, insisting that the one-percenters at the banks that grant loans now hand that money over for free so that they can use it for their vital degree in gender studies and their concentration in lesbian dance theory.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Media Get Curious About Hillary’s Story of Joining The Marines

The Republican field has had, well, a field day bashing the media – and for good reason. The botched hits on Ben Carson’s biography, the attacks on the finances of Marco Rubio, the endless parade of whining about Donald Trump’s various statements – the media have been all over the Republican candidates from the outset.

Tim Wolfe

What Is ‘White Privilege’?

The president of the University of Missouri, Tim Wolfe, had to go. He had to go because he benefitted from “white privilege.” That, at least, was the victorious argument of the intellectual heavyweights of Concerned Student 1950, who insisted that Wolfe acknowledge his “white privilege” before leaving office in a handwritten – not typed, dammit! — letter.


The Right to Try: How the FDA Is Killing Americans

This week, Darcy Olsen, president of the Goldwater Institute, released a vital and fascinating new book, The Right to Try: How the Federal Government Prevents Americans from Getting the Lifesaving Treatments They Need. It’s a must-read rebuttal of the left’s number one argument for big government: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects us from evil capitalists who would alternatively poison us or toss us into meat grinders for the viewing pleasure of Sinclair Lewis.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Says Gender Is a Social Construct, But We MUST Have a Female President

The city of Houston decided on Tuesday not to engage in the mass delusion that says that men are women and women men. The 2-1 vote not to allow biological men to use female bathrooms, and not to force employers to continue paying employees who decide to impersonate members of other sexes on the job, is a welcome breath of fresh air. But that has 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton all hot and bothered.

President Barack Obama speaks during the Democratic National Committee's Womens Leadership Forum at the Grand Hyatt October 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI (Photo credit should read

Obama to Sign Order Forcing Government to Hire Convicts

Ever in search of benefits to hand leftist constituencies, Democrats have decided to give goodies to their most natural constituency of all: criminals. According to the Associated Press, President Obama will announce executive orders Monday attempting to prevent screening for prior criminality in government hiring.

Reince Priebus

RNC Cancels NBC’s Candidate Debate, Media Pee On Themselves

The establishment media is peeing on themselves now that Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus announced Friday that the RNC would no longer sanction the NBC debate scheduled for February, because of CNBC’s brutally awful treatment of Republican candidates in Wednesday night’s debate.

Tea Party Rally 2010 J. Scott ApplewhiteAP

No, the Tea Party Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Waiting.

The left chortled on Monday after learning the results of a new Gallup poll showing an all-time low for Tea Party support. According to Gallup, just 17 percent of Americans say they support the Tea Party, with 24 percent calling

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Republicans’ Six Big Mistakes in the Benghazi Hearing

Republicans demonstrated clearly on Thursday that Hillary Clinton lied routinely and repeatedly about events leading up to and following the terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. But the media have declared Hillary the big victor. That was pre-ordained,