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Center For Medical Progress

World Explodes over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, the world lost its collective mind – whatever is left of it, anyway – when media discovered the identity of the killer of a Zimbabwean named Cecil. Cecil is a lion. Cecil, a lion, was by most accounts “one of Africa’s most famous lions.” Cecil, incredibly, was famous for being a lion, not for curing cancer, although you wouldn’t know that by the media coverage.

The Donald

7 Reasons The Donald Helps the GOP

Donald Trump will not be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. He does not have the infrastructure, he does not have the organization, he does not have the discipline. So why are so many Republican ThoughtLeaders intent on casting him from the race like a leper?

The Colbert Report

Why the Left Worships Ta-Nehisi Coates

This week, New York magazine ran a nearly 6,000 word piece by Lyle Ashton Harris on columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates, the widely-praised writer for The Atlantic who has now been dubbed the voice of black America.

Donald Trump

Should Trump Be ‘Disqualified’?

On Saturday, 2016 presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump, angered by Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) derogatory slam at immigration hardliners as “crazies,” said that McCain wasn’t a war hero: “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The slam was apparently an awkward, Michael Scott-like adaptation of a 2008 Chris Rock routine.

Planned Parenthood

Media Rush to Planned Parenthood’s Defense

On Tuesday, the pro-life Center for Medical Progress released an undercover video with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the Planned Parenthood senior director of medical research. In the video, Nucatola calmly explains while chomping on a salad how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted babies.

Barack Obama

Everything You Need to Know About Obama’s Iran Deal

In brief, the agreement trades enormous amounts of cash for Iran’s pinkie swear that they will not develop nuclear weapons now, and the blind hope that Iran’s regime will magically moderate over the next five to ten years – a hope made even more distant by the fact that this deal reinforces the power and strength of the current Iranian regime.

Donald Trump

Media Label Trump Racist, George Wallace Type

On Sunday, NBC News Meet The Press host Chuck Todd attacked Republican 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump as a neo-segregationist. After listening to Maria Hinojosa, anchor and producer of Latino USA on National Public Radio, bash Trump’s rhetoric on illegal


Ann Coulter Comes to Orange County

On Monday evening, Ann Coulter, author of Adios, America!, will be discussing her new book with interviewer Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News, as well as signing books, at the Anaheim Marriott in Garden Grove, California. Tickets are available here.

AP Photos

WaPo Gives Trump’s Immigration Statements Four Pinocchios

On Wednesday, The Washington Post’s Michelle Ye Hee Lee fact-checked Donald Trump’s contention that Mexican illegal immigrants were “people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Naturally, based on meager evidence at best, the Post gave Trump’s statements its lowest truth rating: Four Pinocchios.

Fox News

Is Trump Right?

Republicans are now foundering on the rocky shoals of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Three weeks after Trump set the media world aflame with his comments about illegal immigration, the debate has not quelled: Democrats and the media, seeking a way to demonize Republicans with Hispanic voters, have turned Trump’s statements into a litmus test for other Republican candidates. Do they agree with Trump, or do they disagree? Did he go too far, or did he raise an important issue?

Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Poll: Obama Millennials Want to Leave the America They Created

A new poll from TransferWise shows that 35 percent of those born in the United States would consider ditching their home country to live elsewhere; that number skyrockets among those aged 18-34, the so-called millennials, 55 percent of whom said they would think of taking off if given the chance.

AP Photo

Roberts Court Tortures Law to Save Obamacare…Again!

On Thursday, the Supreme Court released its long-awaited decision on Obamacare’s IRS subsidies under federal health insurance exchanges. And, as expected, the Court rewrote the statute to help President Obama’s signature law.

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