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USA Cheerleaders Forced to Cover-Up for U.S.-Iran Basketball

Last week a national treasure was condemned and, in the name of political correctness, modified beyond cultural recognition. I am, of course, referring to the USA Basketball Team Dancers. Dancers wear black leggings, white T-shirts to respect cultural sensitivities during

That Was the Week That Was, MSNBC Division

Joe Scarborough is a scarcely visible light in the intellectually vacuous cavern of MSNBC liberal apparatchiks. I made the mistake of turning on this network in prime time last night and my head almost blew off. What stunning honesty about

At Last, CNN Finally Gets Something Right About Islam

A chilling and shockingly honest portrayal of poor immigration policy by CNN. This is a freak act of journalistic integrity aimed squarely upon the crippling policies of arch-tolerance and appeasement. CNN, for perhaps the first time I applaud you. In

Are You a Chamberlain or a Churchill, Mr. Cameron?

The annals of English history shall record you in one light or the other. You have snatched back a rudderless country out of the hands of directionless leftists – and for this, we across the Atlantic are thankful. But don’t

The Obama Presidency: A House Divided

“A House Divided against itself cannot stand.” When Lincoln prophesied in such terms, he did so to a nation ruptured by the most violent political schism in its History. Thank providence A. Lincoln possessed the commanding charisma, and granite leadership