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REPORT: Bieber Under Investigation for Theft

REPORT: Bieber Under Investigation for Theft

(AFP) — Police are investigating Justin Bieber over allegations he tried to steal a cell phone from a woman he thought had taken pictures of him with it, a newspaper said. The incident happened Monday at a miniature golf course

Amazing 'Inception' Billboards

There’s more creativity in these billboards than most films these days. Director Christopher Nolan has an awful lot of hype to live up to on July 16th. But if anyone can do it…

TRAILER: 'Green Hornet' Open Everywhere January 14th

—– If you’re going to criticize the trailer, please watch your words carefully. Jay Chou co-stars as Kato, which means Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman might brand you a racist for not gushing over “The Green Hornet.”

POP CULTURE HERO OF THE WEEK: Elton John Goes to Israel

In an industry filled with quislings, appeasers, moral cowards, and politically correct, multicultural, progressive fascists, Rush Limbaugh’s pal is quite the breath of heroic fresh air. You just get the sense that Elton John hates to be told what to