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The Obama Administration's Many Voices on Libya

The Obama administration’s handling of the Libyan crisis has been characterized by complacency, confusion and inaction. While the American public, the international community and the Libyan “rebels” have waited patiently for clear directives, prior to today’s military strike, the administration

Elena Kagan — Worryingly Wobbly On the First Amendment

The first amendment to the United States Constitution is so profoundly important that it permeates nearly every sector of our society. Clearly, America’s forefathers deemed the contents of this primary amendment so essential that it was perfectly positioned to precede

New Jersey's Wacky Month in Education

Without a doubt, April was a bizarre month in New Jersey education news. First, Bergen County Education Association President Joe Coppola requested divine intervention and death by suffering for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Then, elementary students were asked –

Faulkner Offers Much-Needed Hope to New York

“For the past 22 years, I have dedicated my life to serving my community as a New York City pastor and spiritual leader. I have counseled the suffering, married couples, helped the grieving, fed the hungry and have acted as

Inside the Cult of Insanity: The Westboro Baptist Church

Fred Phelps and the congregants of his hate-infested Westboro Baptist Church have been terrorizing their fellow Americans for more than 50 years. Through explicit exploitation of Christianity, the group has picketed against, exploited and demeaned any and all of the

The Left Should Think Twice Before Charging 'Racism'

Without Noah Webster’s knowledge, the definition of a “racist” has been diluted and redefined to mean “a person who disagrees with a liberal,” or in more explicit terms, “any individual who uses logic to divulge evidence of liberal malfeasance.” For

Media Matters' Vapid Response to Air America's Crash

Last week, Air America announced its official closure and intention to file Chapter 7. For those who had been following news surrounding the weeping willow of talk radio, this was no surprise. While making a thin-kid splash with pseudo-celebrities back

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