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CBC Conference Attendees Say Tea Party Is Racist

MRCTV visited the 41st Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and found that some of those we met up with believe the Tea Party and/or its members are racist, and some even hurled racial slurs at Republican

The 'Regretful Obama Voter' Speaks

BOB: When I first saw this video, it brought back memories of my left-to-right conversion. However, I didn’t get an opportunity to “come out” as publicly as Jodi Carroll. Jodi, before we get into specifics, how did the video idea

A Simple Question For TSA

According to, it makes no mention of not being able to choose the gender of your screener. If you must go through additional screening, the screener will direct you from the metal detector to a screening station where he

The Girls: Ep. 6

[youtube sKG-1NleovI nolink] The Girls ask why the Jets are trippin’, discuss John Boehner’s “emotional” issues, and the snowman hit-and-run. Produced and edited by Bob

A Black Conservative Speaks Out Against You Tube 'Racism'

Using the NAACP’s resolution against Tea Party “racism” as a model, I hereby ask YouTube to repudiate their racist users. I take no issue with Google’s YouTube community. I believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in

Resolution Against YouTube 'Racism'

Using the NAACP’s resolution against Tea Party “racism” as a model, I hereby ask YouTube to repudiate their racist users. “I take no issue with Google’s YouTube community. I believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in

The NAACP Acting Stupidly (Again)

I must admit, I didn’t think the NAACP could top the whole Hallmark-card-is-racist fiasco, but never underestimate the power of stupidity. One thing progressives are very good at is using black people and they’ve found some that are willing enough

Former FNC Producer Commits Suicide; Left Classless As Usual

A young woman’s mother dies recently, and a few weeks later, suffering from severe depression, she herself dies, falling off a cliff in California in an apparent suicide. In the old days of responsible journalism, publications didn’t report suicides unless

The AP Doesn't Care About Black People

We’ve seen it all before. Gay rights activists equating their modern-day fight for ‘equality’ to post-slavery oppression of blacks. Muslim activists equating justified terror law enforcement investigation to racial profiling of blacks. The obese even formed a group complaining they

Will Kagan Do A Sotomayor on Gun Rights?

Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor came off as a 2nd Amendment defender when she was being questioned during her confirmation hearings. She voted the other way when a gun rights case came to The Court. Can we now trust

In South Carolina Politics, All The Media Sees Is Race

Either these media know-it-alls don’t know their history or they do and assume we’re all stupid. In a break from the state’s racist legacy, South Carolina Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, an Indian American woman, to run for governor and

Left Goes Into a Black Hole Over a 'Racist' Cat and Rabbit

It is said that you can’t debate the insane. That must have been Hallmark’s strategy. After three years on the market, the greeting card giant Hallmark quickly pulled a graduation card after half-baked claims were made by the Los Angeles

NOW Congressman Clyburn Cares About Ethics

With the South Carolina Democrat Senate nomination going to no-job, no-money, living-at-home-with-mom Alvin Greene, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) is now calling for an investigation, hinting that Greene may even be a ‘Republican plant’. There were some real shenanigans

Comedy Central's Religious Cowardice

[youtube mHX5RctMzWE nolink] Just weeks after Comedy Central executives censored a program because of its depiction of Muhammad, the network has announced it has a new cartoon series in development that could not be more disrespectful of Christianity. Entitled “JC”,

Sarah Silverman: Let It Go…

Progressives are so good at weeding out racists in our midst, they feel obligated to share with us the words used. However, should they be called out when they use racial slurs, they lose their minds. Case in point: Sarah

Anything For a Buck: MTV Documentary Jeopardizes Saudi Kids

Whether we’re talking about college professors encouraging students to go to the West Bank and lie down in front of Israeli bulldozers or now MTV encouraging young people in Saudi Arabia to “Resist the Power” (potentially at great personal peril),

The Man Behind 'Border Invasion Pics' Speaks Out

I had the honor of meeting the owner of Border Invasion Pics after being tipped off that a Phoenix CBS affiliate had not only used some of his video of illegals entering Arizona, but also gave the impression they planted

AP/Univision: Latinos Most Discriminated Against… NOT

The timing of this poll is quite suspect given the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law, and Mexican president Felipe Calderon’s America-scolding. But who are the real discriminators here? An Associated Press-Univision Poll found that 61% of people overall said Latinos faced

Obama's Risky 'Southern Strategy' II

With the latest crisis that can’t go to waste, the Obama Administration is now using the Arizona immigration law to codify the Latino vote against Republicans in an attempt to save the Democrat majority. I guess one could say it’s

Does Eric Holder Even Know What He's Talking About?

Attorney General Eric Holder maligned Arizona law enforcement, said publicly that the state’s new immigration law is prone to racial profiling, and he hadn’t even read the law. [youtube mr8dSZg8uH4 nolink] Will the MSM ever call him on his ignorance?

Bullying A Wimpy Generation

After more than a decade of sports with no score kept as not to hurt the feelings of the defeated, the banning of Tag and Dodgeball during recess, “Do Something!” state legislatures are now poised to outlaw bullying because young

Why Health Care Reform Must Pass

Before you ask what kind of self-medication I’ve discovered, let me preface this by reminding people I, among other things, am a political tactician. I lived in dark blue Massachusetts where Democrats not only made sport of standing on the

Five Offensive Attacks On Conservative Women

The MRC’s Culture and Media Institute looked back at what the liberal media had to say about conservative women in 2009 and it wasn’t pretty. Conservative women found themselves the victims of the worst sort of vitriol – including on

Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: 'Jail The Lot'

Wednesday evening, I had the honor of attending a presentation given by noted ‘climate change’ skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton, sponsored by the Bull Run Republican Women’s Club in Manassas, Virginia. As I didn’t think it appropriate to ask a long-winded

The Youth War On US

There was an old English saying, “A mayde schuld be seen, but not herd” which has since morphed into ‘Children should be seen and not heard’. The latter was the world I grew up in, and as one finds as

Comedy Rap Video Slams Obama as O.T.P. (One Term President)

Huffington Post, CBS News and WorldNetDaily have reported that a new rap group called WOLVERINES! (a reference to the 1984 anti-communist movie Red Dawn) has released a comedy music video called “O.T.P.” which claims Obama is a one term president.

The Left Is Underestimating Opponents Again

When going into any kind of competition, I was taught to respect the abilities of an opponent. To not do so results in things we commonly refer to as “upsets”. Seeing how a lot of liberals aren’t into sports and

Conversation With GOProud

A conversation with Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director, GOProud BOB: Hi Jimmy, just wanted to touch bases and find out what your thoughts were about the rather rude outburst by that punk at CPAC. I was getting ready to videotape a