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WELDON: ‘Local Control’ Is Not an End in Itself

This year, the Texas Legislature will consider legislation rolling back local restrictions on property rights, economic freedom, and the right to vote. Opponents of these reforms have been working hard to create a false narrative that Texas legislators are abandoning their faith in local self-governance in favor of central planning by the state. In short, they claim that the Texas Legislature—long time champion of state’s rights and decentralized government—hypocritically abandons its principles when local governments stray from state orthodoxy.

Op-Ed: Misplaced Blame for Navy Seal’s Death

If you’ve heard anything about Trump’s first speech in front of Congress then you probably already know his tribute to Navy SEAL widow Carryn Owens, wife of Ryan Owens, was the most talked about moment of the night. It was considered by many to be one of Trump’s most Presidential highlights in his brief political career [whatever that means] but even this tribute to a dead military member wasn’t without its critics.

Tests Still Can’t ID Contaminant in Corpus Christi Water

ASSOCIATED PRESS — The head of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says he’s “absolutely” certain a chemical leak occurred to contaminate Corpus Christi’s public water supply although 115 tests have failed to show if an asphalt emulsifying agent made it from an industrial mixing tank to the water supply.

Protesters Huddle in Austin for Trump Vote

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Demonstrators are gathering outside the Texas Capitol in hopes of persuading more than three dozen Republican electors to cast their ballot for someone other than President-elect Donald Trump.

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DOJ Rejects Crowd Control Assist Request for Pipeline Protest

ASSOCIATED PRESS — The federal government won’t send 100 federal officers to help police protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota as requested, drawing a sharp rebuke Wednesday by the county sheriff who wanted the help as well as the head of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

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Op-Ed — Texas Can’t Afford a Minimum Wage Hike

After years on the back burner, the minimum wage is hot again. A national campaign to institute a $15 an hour minimum wage has picked up steam in various parts of the country, while here in Texas, legislation has already been filed that would raise the state’s minimum wage to more than $10 an hour.

Op-Ed — How Texas Can Protect the Electric Grid from Attack

A single nuclear device set off at a high altitude creates an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out electricity in a third of the United States. Key electrical infrastructure is damaged and destroyed, including large power transformers that will take years to replace. As weeks without power turn into months, the disruption in communications, transportation and food supply leads to increasing civil disorder. By the time it’s all over, tens of millions have died.

A Letter to My Kids: Why Dad’s Voting for Trump

DEAR KIDS, I write this for you to read as adults, in an America that has been profoundly shaped by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
I’ll vote for Donald Trump. Given the controversy of the man and his candidacy, I feel obligated to explain this vote and the context in which it’s being cast.