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Obama, You're No Jack Kennedy

Uh-O. Obama’s administration has run afoul of words by John F. Kennedy on Big Labor and protecting employees. You have no doubt been following the fight over the unconstitutional recess appointments by the Obama administration to the National Labor Relations

Action Alert: Rein In The Rogue NLRB

You may be aware of this week’s NLRB showdown, where two Democratic Members of the National Labor Relations Board will try on Tuesday to overhaul rules governing 6 million workplaces and about 100 million working Americans to make it easier

New Evidence Says 'Yes We Cain'

With Herman Cain grabbing top headlines at The Drudge Report and Gallup reporting that he has statistically tied Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination, the question is whether the math-genius-turned-businessman can really become the Godfather of America’s political system. Some

'Solar Decathlon' Sign Powered by Gas Generator

Americans are catching on to the absurdity of the far Left’s “greening” of our economy. In some cases, like the Solyndra scandal, it amounts to the Taxpayer cash being flushed away on economically unsound alternative technologies that we *hope* will

Diary from the Days of Madness

Someday we’ll all look back at this and laugh. Or cry. These are the dark days for small business and would-be entrepreneurs, who need only to open the newspaper, click on their iPad, or flick on the TV to see

UPDATE: Union Goon Only Supports 'Some' Violence?

When one is embarrassed by their own words, an oft-used option (at least in DC) is to retreat into claims of being misrepresented. So it goes after we recently brought you the troubled Tweets of former HuffPo writer, labor activist,

Who Says Union Goons Are Violent?

Like many, you may know that union bosses put up inflatable rats outside businesses they are trying to intimidate into handing over their workers. But this week — in true turnabout-is-fair-play style — someone put up an inflatable rat outside

Union Corruption: There's No App For That

Remember that time the Department FOR Labor spent taxpayer money for a broken mobile app that actually could have shortchanged some workers? Well, their latest foray into mobile apps ought to be just as embarrassing. This week the DOL, busy

Obama Referendum: The Countdown Begins!

We’re right at the 500-day countdown mark for America to choose the right path … or, as Ronald Reagan called it, “a time for choosing.” [youtube qXBswFfh6AY] Check out the Gipper’s famous — and eerily relevant — speech nominating Barry

Obama NLRB Officially Goes Round The Bend

Hey, remember that one time — like a couple days ago — that we recapped some of the craziest things the National Labor Relations Board wants to do? Well, today, it announced a massive campaign to rewrite the rules on

AFL-CIO: Yeah, You Can Call That Socialist

Good news! We’re all one step closer to being able to call socialism by its name! According to a Bloomberg report, AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka “said he’d like to see the U.S. become more like a European nation that provides

Wisconsin Union Boycott Threats Border on Illegal

You may have seen news that Wisconsin’s AFSCME public-sector union is threatening businesses with possible boycott if they refuse to voice support for the union position. Obviously, it’s pretty galling — and potentially illegal. The Journal-Sentinel reported that AFSCME Council

Is Obama Regulatory Reform Real?

By now you’ve probably heard that the president has gotten religion on the economically damaging effects of the regulatory state. Today, I argue wait and see is still the rule with this government as there are major rolls of red

Union Snow Job Just Glimpse of Coming Blizzard

The New York Post is reporting that unionized public employees were encouraged to slow the process of digging out of the recent snowstorm to demonstrate their labor leverage in hopes of grabbing more taxpayer largess. Think that’s shocking? Just wait

Our Dire Straits: Money For Nothin'

It’s pretty clear the administration owes union bosses big, and the payoffs may take many forms. There was the failed attempt to push card check by legislation and now through the National Labor Relations Board. In the meantime, though, the

Fed Government: Mostly Bad

A picture’s worth a thousand opinions as Gallup compiles Americans’ view of the federal government thusly: Gallup: Overall, 72% of responses about the federal government are negative, touching on its inefficiency, size, corruption, and general incompetence, with the most common

The Devil At Breitbart's Doorstep

An American businessman who has been the target of a relentless attack by SEIU union thugs wrote today about the lessons we should all take from Breitbart’s recent run-in: On Saturday, September 18th, Andrew Breitbart faced a situation similar to

Hope, Change, and the Uninformed Public

If you can’t beat ’em, beat up on ’em is apparently the new playbook for the Democrats. John “He even looks French” Kerry, now the senior Senator from Massachusetts, voiced his view of Americans today: “We have an electorate that

Obama: Let's Cut Carbon (And Jobs)

The big news of the day is that President Obama’s proposal to target the energy industry for particular tax punishment will kill 150,000 jobs. As Ed Morrissey notes, that’s high-paying union jobs. American jobs. Uh oh. For years, groups like

SEIU To Famous Latina: Get Back In The Fields

Rep. Tom Price has warned that card check could be one of a series of unpopular policies Democrats may try to ram through in a lame duck session this year. He’s right, and we should be worried. Cap and trade

Unions Shouting Fire(man) In A Crowded Theater

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Americans were reminded just how brave and important first responders, including fire fighters, police, and EMTs, are to us. Nearly a decade on, though, Big Labor and politicians are using them

Bob Casey's (Union) Bailout

The Free Enterprise Alliance’s Halt The Assault campaign has been raising red flags about Sen. Bob Casey’s dangerous bill granting the full faith and credit of the United States Treasury to bail out multi-employer pensions (a favorite of unions). Thankfully,

Will We Just Be Printing Money?

What do you call a man who’s donated to Bill Halter, a supporter of card check? You may call him the next head of the Government Printing Office (yes, there’s still a publicly run entity for smearing ink on pages).

Playing Rough: DC v. Sex

At the same time Gallup has released numbers that Americans believe the country’s moral outlook is bleak, another D.C. type has been taken down by sex — or, more accurately, the hypocrisy of having sex when running on moral rectitude.

Get Combative (Jersey Style) For Small Government

Fantastic rant from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on fighting on — not shutting up — when it comes to doing the job for smaller government. [youtube O70vGKpX-2Y] Hat tip to Halt The Assault, which has a good video of

Arizona: Real Anger, But Real Wrong

Arizonans have a right to be angry that the federal government hasn’t done enough to close off illegal immigration and fix the current system to allow for a reasonable path to citizenship for foreign workers. But ask yourself: what’s the

For First Time, Energy Trumps Hippies

What happens in economic lean times? It helps clarify the mind on how we spend scarce resources and, in particular, it forces us to reconsider costly “feel good” environmentalist policies. So it’s not entirely surprising to get the news from

Ergo Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Some want to regulate what you eat, some want to regulate what you say, and some want to regulate how you type your TPS reports. Those around long enough to remember the 1990’s will grumble to recall the battle over

Shame On You, Big Labor

There are serious protests going on in Albuquerque by a local Carpenters union. But one company is fighting back and the story is starting to get interesting. It turns out things aren’t exactly as they seem: So temp employees without

Tides Foundation: General Support, Major Concern

Not enough people know about the Tides Foundation, which is one of the original “philanthropic” donation launderers for donors who don’t want to be tied to fringe activist groups. Frankly, there’s too much to tell, but they’re the sugar daddy

Unions: Forever War

You’re hoping for another 1994, eh? Well, you’re not going to get it if D.C.’s biggest union bosses have their say — and they don’t just have a say, they have a checkbook to put where their mouths are. And

Buy American, Eh?

You remember the iconic call by American labor to “look for the union label” (and ignore the price tag)? Well, U.S. union officials have turned to a new slogan, calling for “Buy American” provisions of bailout and stimulus legislation. In

View of Unions 'Plummeted' Since 07

According to Pew, “Favorable views of labor unions have plummeted since 2007, amid growing public skepticism about unions’ purpose and power.” (click here for more polls on union officials) One hates to surmise, but it seems probable such a shift

Big Government Too Far In Business's Business

We’ve been discussing the Democrats’ scheme to shift to a regulatory agenda. Gallup says that might not meet with much approval, as “Americans Leery of Too Much Gov’t Regulation of Business.” What do you think?