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ObamaCare: Where's the Investigation of Epic Systems?

It turns out that health policy under President Obama is just wrong-headed, it’s also corrupt. The Obama administration is now allowing left wing health care companies to shape policy in exchange for big campaign donations. The Washington Examiner’s Lachlan Markay

The Left's Smear Campaign Against ALEC

An orchestrated campaign is underway to attack and discredit a prominent free-market organization. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the latest target of the left-wing smear machine, no doubt singled out for its effectiveness in advancing free-market principles and

Barack Obama's Fatal Conceit

I, like many others, made light of the President’s recent shocking display of economic ignorance. In an interview on NBC’s TODAY, the President claimed that productivity, the source of our prosperity, is really a “structural issue” holding back the job

The Value of an Active Judiciary

Following Judge Vinson’s declaration that Obamacare is in fact unconstitutional, many on the left have responded by seizing an old conservative lament – judicial activism. The right has unnecessarily handed the left a minor rhetorical foothold by using the term

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