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What Shoulda Won? 2000 Best Picture Academy Award

The year 2000 was my first living full-time in Los Angeles, having arrived from Atlanta on December 30, 1999, Y2K hysteria be damned. I got a job working as a projectionist at a theatre while also working as a reader

What Shoulda Won? 1998 Academy Awards

For movie geeks, 1998 is still remembered as the year that Harvey Weinstein’s lobbying and schmoozing led to the underdog “Shakespeare in Love” beating “Saving Private Ryan.” In writing this series, I’ve realized how much Oscar snubs, wins, and losses

What Shoulda Won? 1999 Academy Awards

The year letdowns flowered and scenes were planted for future letdowns. 1999 Letdowns: The Biggest Letdown Ever! A Reclusive Genius Returns … for a Letdown! [youtube NgnS1fuNZCU nolink] The Internet Helps a Micro-Budget Movie Score Big and Unless You Saw

What Shoulda' Won the 1997 Best Picture Oscar?

Lots of good movies were released in 1997, and hardly any great ones. On the other hand, Will Shortz celebrates 1997 for “Ulee’s Gold.” The Nominees: “Titanic” – This may mark the only time that I’ve ever completely agreed with

What Shoulda Won – 1996 Best Picture Oscar

Ah, 1996. A year that movie stars were made. Will Smith in “ID4.” Billy Bob Thornton in “Sling Blade.” Matthew McConaughey in “A Time To Kill.” Edward Norton in “Primal Fear.” Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in “Swingers.” And, of

What Shoulda Won? Best Picture Academy Award – 1995

The Nominees: “Braveheart” – Mel Gibson’s stirring epic would take home a slew of Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, perhaps deservedly. I know I’ll get crushed, but I don’t love it. Just my $.02; these types of historical

What Shoulda Won? 1993 Best Picture Oscar

I’m too lazy to research it, so instead I’ll make an audacious unfounded proclamation: there has never been a one-two punch comeback like Steven Spielberg had in 1993. After the misfire of “Always” and the colossal misfire of “Hook,” he

What Shoulda Won? 1992 Best Picture Oscar

I’m realizing how odd it is to complain about the Oscars or to pigeonhole the Academy’s tastes. They can get it astoundingly right (i.e., I can agree wholeheartedly) and wildly wrong (i.e., I disagree) all in the same year in

What Shoulda Won? 1991 Best Picture Oscar

Something happened in 1991 that my daddy never believed possible: Tommy Lee Jones played a gay man. And the shrill and very vocal faction of the homosexual community cried foul at not only his portrayal, but of the portrayal of

What Shoulda' Won 1988's Academy Award for Best Picture

I went to every movie in 1988. I swear. Bloodsport, check. Bad Dreams, check. Hero and the Terror, check, check, and check. I even braved the picket line and saw The Last Temptation of Christ. (Disappoint mom, checkity-check). Wasn’t the

What Shoulda' Won Best Picture: 1987

Most of the movies I’ve seen from 1987 are not what I would call decent. It was feast or famine. I loved several. I hated many. The Academy’s nominees for best picture… The Last Emperor: Bertolucci’s beautiful portrait of China’s

What Shoulda' Won Best Picture of 1986

1986 might be one of the most underrated years for movies. Or it might not. Maybe I’m just nuts, but, a year in which “Top Gun,” “Back to School,” “Ruthless People,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Rad,” and “Sid and Nancy” were

What Shoulda' Won 1984's Best Picture? Who Cares?

Well, I’m four chapters into this series and I’m ready to cheat. Why? The 1984 Nominees for Best Picture: Places in the Heart A Soldier’s Story A Passage to India The Killing Fields Amadeus At the risk of sounding like

What Shoulda' Won the 1983 Best Picture Oscar?

Looking back at the Best Picture race year by year, it dawns on me that I became more cynical towards the awards year by year. Return of the Jedi, WarGames, Sudden Impact (which I had to sneak into) – how

TV We Like: 'Friday Night Lights'

Elite critics and the “I don’t watch TV except for [insert list of shows here]” crowd love-love-love Friday Night Lights, but they always say things like, “It’s not really about football.” I hate conceding that point because it assumes that

What Shoulda' Won Best Picture: 1982

1982. Maybe, perhaps, one could go out on a limb and declare it, I dunno, the Best Year Ever for movies. If one were so inclined. There were obvious movies like Rocky III, Poltergeist, and Tron …there are too many

What Shoulda' Won Best Picture: 1981 Edition

The Who Should Have Won/Been Nominated For the Oscar debate is a fun one, for participants and observers. It’s always funny to me how seriously critics take themselves, and they get even more prissier and more sanctimonious around Oscar time.

Maybe 1994 Wasn't the Best Movie Year Ever

Okay, so as I looked over IMDB’s list of films released in 1994, struggling to look for a movie to write about this week, I realized my proclamation that 1994 is indeed the best year ever, was not mere hyperbole.

'Ed Wood': A Look Back at 1994, Best Year Ever

It’s a miracle any movie gets made. If that sounds hyperbolic, fine. I’ll tweak it: it’s a flat-out water-to-wine-the-leper-is-cured-the-blind-can-see if a great movie gets made. A bad movie, that’s just a miracle, like my wife making it somewhere on time

WE LOVE PIXAR: Top-Five Greatest Pixar Films of All Time!

5. Ratatouille (2007): Nikki Finke severely underestimated the commercial possibilities of a movie with a rat named Remy as the main character, opining that it would be difficult for Disney to sell the accompanying barrage of toys. Rats aren’t cute.

'Quiz Show': A Look Back At 1994, Best. Year. Ever.

There are movies that I have no business liking, which feature stories that I should not find compelling, given my, ahem, puerile tastes. Such is the case with Robert Redford’s “Quiz Show,” a movie I love despite the fact that

'Hoop Dreams': A Look Back at 1994, Best Year Ever

In “Hoop Dreams,” documentary filmmaker Steve James and his team follow two talented high school basketball players, William Gates and Arthur Agee, both of whom have dreams of one day playing for the NBA. An audience award winner at The

A Look Back at the Beastie Boys Part 7: The Mix-Up

Not my bag, baby. But this was a long gestating pet project. In Dan Leroy’s awesome book about the making of Paul’s Boutique, Tim Carr, formerly of Capitol Records, says that Ad-Rock spoke to him about an instrumental album as

A Look Back at the Beastie Boys Part Five: 'Hello Nasty'

In 1998, the Beastie Boys announced the arrival of a new album with the release of “Intergalactic,” which in my opinion, is their biggest and best single to date. It’s certainly their most accessible single, mainstream but with a sound

A Look Back at The Beastie Boys Part 4: 'Ill Communication'

[Ed. Note: Previous chapters of this outstanding series can be found here.] Never before had a Beastie Boys album been so greatly anticipated. The release of “Ill Communication” was preceded by the single and video for “Sabotage,” an all-out screaming