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Drugs in Skull

Carteles Mexicano Usan Cráneos Artesanales para Enviar Droga a Europa

MONTERREY, Nuevo León — Miles de artesanías mexicanas son enviadas a diferentes partes del mundo por sus extrañas formas y colores, pero esa oportunidad es aprovechada ahora por narcotraficantes mexicanos que ocultan cantidades de droga en cráneos de cuarzo o cerámica para evadir las aduanas nacionales e internacionales.

Drugs in Skull

Mexican Cartels Using Artisanal Skulls for Smuggling into UK

MONTERREY, Nuevo León — Thousands of art pieces are shipped out of Mexico each year to buyers worldwide who seek their unique designs and colors. This art niche is now being used by Mexican cartels to hide drug packages in quartz and ceramic skulls or other sculptures to avoid customs inspections.

Diplomat Shooting

VIDEO: U.S. Diplomat Shot in Mexico

A U.S. diplomat was shot in this city when he was leaving a shopping center in a failed murder attempt. The suspected gunman was able to ran away after the attack. Police later apprehended the shooter.

Nuevo Leon Murder scene

Centroamericano Que Mato a Dos Hombres el Día de Navidad en Mexico Pudo Haber Huido a Texas

MONTERREY, Nuevo León — Autoridades en este estado fronterizo continúan buscando a un inmigrante ilegal de Centro America quien se sospecha mato a dos hombres a cuchilladas antes de darse a la fuga. Una de las teorías que manejan las autoridades es que el hombre escapo hacia Texas, mientras que otra apunta a que posiblemente huyo hacia su país de origen.

Nuevo Leon Murder scene

Honduran Double Murderer Could Be In Texas, Mexican Cops Say

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — Authorities in this border state continue searching for a migrant from Central America who is suspected of having stabbed two men to death before fleeing. One of the theories presented by authorities point to the man having escaped to Texas, while another argues the man returned home.

Cartel Gun battle 1

5 Cartel Gunmen Killed Near Texas Border

SAN FERNANDO, Tamaulipas — Mexican authorities killed five gunmen from the Gulf Cartel during fierce battle. Unofficial information points to one of the deceased having been a commander within the criminal organization.

GATES Coahuila

Mexican Border Cops Jailed for Kidnapping Civilian

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — A group of Mexican municipal police officers continue to be held in custody in connection with the kidnapping and extortion of a local man from the border region in this state. The arrest was made following a high-speed chase as the rogue cops tried to escape from state authorities.

Cash Smuggling Mexico

Mexican Cowboy Caught Hiding Cartel Cash in Boots

MONTERREY, Nuevo León — The arrival of cash from Texas into Mexico continues to avoid detection from authorities on both sides of the border. Mexican Federales patrolling the highways stopped a driver who had $75,000 hidden in the man’s cowboy boots.

Los Zetas Prison Transfer main

Mexican Cartel Attempts Armed Prison Break in Border State

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — A brazen rescue attempt by Los Zetas cartel gunmen led to hours of gunfighting this morning in the capital of this border state. The operation resulted in failure as authorities were able to move out the underworld boss and his cadre to a federal facility.