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Amazon PrimeAir Drone (AP / Amazon)

NASA, Amazon & Google Join to Manage Commercial Drone Traffic

Google’s 60-year lease to co-locate with NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, which was signed in November 2014, appears to be paving the way for the formation of a partnership between NASA, Google and Amazon to develop and roll out an automated national air traffic control system for drone flights.

Marijuana dude (Robyn Back / AFP / Getty)

California Marijuana Boom Destroying 25% of Stream Flows

As Breitbart News reported in “Pot Tax: Sacramento Politicians ‘Jonesing’ for a Spending Fix,” the Democrat-controlled California Legislature is desperate for marijuana taxes, which could arise from a 2016 ballot initiative legalizing marijuana, in hopes of gaining a consistent new tax revenue source. But the California Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that illegal pot growing is drying up watersheds and causing some at-risk fisheries to approach collapse.

Uber (Reuters)

Uber Threatens Democrats’ Lock on Millennials

Progressive New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s supposed effort to end social inequality by crushing Uber was curbed last week when his liberal city council allies were blindsided by a viral millennial generation revolt in favor of the ride-sharing app.

Marijuana sale taxes (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Pot Tax: Sacramento Politicians ‘Jonesing’ for a Spending Fix

With Sacramento politicians desperate to find a new source of continuous tax revenue, the state’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy has just published a study, “Pathways Report Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana In California,” as a precursor to sponsoring a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize recreational pot use.

A24 Films

Learning Machines May Become Racist or Criminal, Just Like People

In a throwback to the antebellum era, popular photo-sharing services, from Flickr and Google Photos, have publicly come under assault for their software algorithms tagging photos of black people as gorillas and apes. But this just highlights the growing risk that “learning machines” may learn to develop human biases and even criminal tendencies.

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

New IRS Audit Process: Still Trouble for Conservative ‘Dark Money’

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to recover from allegations of obstruction of justice regarding Lois Lerner’s regarding purported biased recommendations that targeted conservative groups for audit and prevented Tea Parties from gaining not-for-profit status. Now, the IRS just appointed three relatively inexperienced managers to serve as the gatekeepers for reviewing 501(c)4 “dark money pools” and their political activity, according to an agency memo leaked to the OpenSecrets Blog.

Apple logo darkness (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Wall Street’s Love Affair with Apple May Be Over

In its last quarter that will be impacted by innovation on Steve Jobs’ watch, Apple booked strong quarterly revenue and earnings yesterday. But the company had to admit that existing Apple customers were slow to upgrade to new iPhone releases and Apple as a status symbol in China may be coming to an end. The stock plunged by -10 percent, or about $80 billion, before recovering somewhat today. But as Breitbart News warned last month, ‘Apple Products: Without Steve Jobs, the Thrill is Gone.’

Bear Bomber (U.S. Navy / Getty)

Russian Nuclear Bear Bombers Fly 40 Miles off California Coast

On July 4, Two Russian Tu-95 Bear Bombers, which can carry nuclear warheads, flew within 40 miles of the Northern California Coast around the time Russia’s President Putin and America’s President Obama conducted a private telephone call that the Kremlin referred to as an effort to “find solutions” to international issues.

<> on April 8, 2015 in Pleasanton, California.

Met Water District Just Lost up to 5% of SoCal Water to San Diego

The San Diego County Water Authority not only won $190 million last week from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, but may have also won $2 billion in future costs savings and another 5 percent of all “Met” water that is currently being wholesaled to the other 25 other Southern California water districts.

Celebration outside Dunkin Donuts (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Dunkin’ Donuts to Open 1,000 Stores in California

After an 18 year “vacation,” Dunkin’ Donuts is returning to California with a vengeance. The Canton, Massachusetts-based company has already opened ten stores in the state, has just announced nine in the Bay Area, and expects to eventually have 1,000 stores in California.

Junipero Serra (Reuters)

Gov. Brown Wants Papal Climate Change Support–While Dumping Junipero Serra

California Governor Jerry Brown will take his utopian foreign policy to the Vatican to participate this week in an environmental summit hosted by Pope Francis. Despite California’s majority Democrats’ intention to banish celebrations of Catholic missionary Father Junipero Serra’s accomplishments, Brown will carry a state resolution supporting Pope Francis’ recent draft “Encyclical on Climate Change.”

Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital (King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons)

UCLA Health Data Unencrypted–and No Policy to Report Lost Laptops

It is not surprising that hackers broke into the UCLA’s health system to try to gain access to some of the 4.5 million patients’ records, given the sheer scale of personal health data that has been compromised. But what is shocking is that those records were never protected with a basic encryption, and lost laptops were not required to be reported. Although UCLA said there was no evidence at this time that any patient files were taken, the investigation is ongoing.

AP Photo

Uber Faces Doom as CA Judge Recommends Suspension

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Chief Administrative Law Judge Robert Mason recommended that ride-sharing service Uber be suspended from operating in California for 30 days and fined $7.3 million for wilfully violating its 2013 CPUC settlement by failing to provide data proving that Uber and its California drivers do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, neighborhood or medical disability in picking up passengers.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Ellen Pao’s Ouster Preserved Reddit’s $4 Billion Valuation

When Breitbart News published “Ellen Pao Out As Reddit CEO, Blames Site’s Users” recently, we received kudos from Reddit users for understanding it was Poa’s actions aimed at limiting users’ free speech in order to make the site more advertiser friendly that caused a user rebellion. But the business press continues to blame users, in articles such as the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Ellen Pao’s Ouster Shows Reddit CEO can’t Function under Mob Rule.”

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders shakes hands with supporters after speaking at a political rally in Madison, Wis., Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Face the Nation’ Interview Déjà Vu for Hillary

After Bernie Sanders’ Face the Nation interview lit up the progressives ethosphere this weekend with dreams of a true warrior willing to attack “casino capitalism,” a seemingly sleep-deprived Hillary Clinton gave a passionless economic policy speech on Monday that supposedly highlighted her concerns, such as “The young entrepreneur who’s dream of buying the bowling alley where he worked as a teenager.”

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