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Silicon Valley Led the Effort for Same Sex Marriage

There was a long line of advocates claiming responsibility for same-sex marriage’s victory at the Supreme Court on Friday, but a key driver was the support two years ago from 278 mostly multi-national tech companies that included Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, eBay, Electronic Arts, Intel, Intuit, Oracle, Twitter and Zynga.

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Sean Parker Tries Philanthropy to Clean Up His Rep

The irrepressible Sean Parker took to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages to announce that after building a $2.8 billion fortune, mostly from stealing music and selling peoples’ deepest secrets to marketers, he wants to reinvent his public reputation from that of a greedy loud-mouthed hacker to an old money philanthropist.


Millennials May Dump Social Media if Privacy Breaches Continue

With the revelations of data snooping and privacy violations by government agencies, clandestine hacker groups and supposedly trusted telecommunications companies accelerating, a new report suggests Generation Y, 18 to 34 year olds, is starting to have “buyer’s remorse” regarding the amount of social media accounts into which they’ve poured the intimate details of their lives.

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Google Play Music Ready to Crush Spotify and Apple Music

On the heels of Apple Music’s $9.99 streaming service getting the bodyslam from a 99-pounder named Taylor Swift, Google has just rolled out “Play Music,” which will offer a free, ad-supported streaming music service. Combined with their “All Access” subscription product released in May, Google appears positioned to crush both Spotify and Apple Music.


China Debt-Bomb Fuse is Burning

Buried under “crippling local government and corporate debt”, the Red Dragon’s current debt restructuring plan amounts to “little more than creative financial-engineering.” Lombard believes that China still has the ability address the nation’s debt-bomb, but the fuse is now burning.


Apple Products: Without Steve Jobs, The Thrill is Gone  

Apple just announced that iPhone and iPad users of its upcoming iOS 9 operating system will get a disruptive new app by the name: “News.” With the Apple Watch slumping fast, Taylor Swift torpedoing Apple Music, and the “News” looking like a “wanna-be” New York Times, the first three post-Steve Jobs era products seem to indicate in the words of the immortal BB King that for Apple, “The Thrill is Gone.”

Fitbit (Eric Thayer / Getty)

Virally Competitive Fitbit Goes Public at $4 Billion Valuation

If Robin Leach visited the headquarters of Fibit, Inc. in San Francisco today, it would be all “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” as the leading wearable fitness tracker raised $793.5 million at a stunning valuation of $4.1 billion in the largest initial public offering (IPO) by any consumer electronics company in history.

Photo illustration of logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone over a reserved lane for taxis in a street in Madrid

Uber May Owe Billions, as Cal Labor Board Says Drivers Are Employees

In what may the most expensive employee labor claim in history, the California Labor Commission ruled Wednesday that an Uber California drivers is an “employee,” rather than an “independent contractor.” Uber could potentially be on the hook to pay about $200 million in employee taxes and benefits for 2014 alone.

Hillary Clinton on ship (Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty)

Hillary Clinton’s Titanic Campaign Steams into California, Leaking Badly

Six weeks ago, the Huffington Post’s lead article was “Why Hillary Can’t Lose.” But the S.S. Clinton campaign that steams into southern California on Friday increasingly looks like the arrogant crew of the Titanic that continued to run full-throttle after hitting an iceberg, because their ship was “Practically Unsinkable.”


Hillary Clinton and Tom Steyer Fight the Loophole that Fills Democrat Coffers

Billionaire “greenie” Tom Steyer is demanding that candidates for president support the one tax increase Republicans like: namely, eliminating the limousine liberal’s “carried interest” loophole that allows uber-wealthy hedge fund moguls to pay a lower tax rate than Americans earning over $36,900. Calling income inequality an “urgent” issue, Steyer wants to dump the loophole that made him rich.

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Union and Conservative Coalition Fighting TPP is Tipping-Point Event

For over 100 years, the American public viewed labor unions in a positive light. But after unions were body-slammed in battles against three not-so-free trade agreements negotiated by Democrat Presidents, manufacturing jobs plummeted and public opinion of unions went negative for the first time during Obama Administration.

Tech workers (Oli Scarff / Getty)

In ‘Gig Economy’ Future, Employees Don’t Exist

The “gig economy” is the term for corporations embracing the “on demand economy,” “collaborative consumption” and “sharing economy” bandwagons to restructure “work” into small projects of limited duration so that big business can justify legally dumping employees and hiring contractors. With employee benefit costs exceeding 46 percent of wages and workplace litigation spiking, “employees” don’t exist in the future of work.

C-17 (Kevork Djansezian / Getty)

Boeing Auctioning Long Beach Aircraft Factory Equipment

Over the last decade, California has lost half of the 35,000 Boeing employees who were working at very good jobs at very good wages. Despite labor troubles, there was always hope that another military spending cycle would eventually fill Boeing’s cavernous aircraft assembly plant in Long Beach. But the dream is about to expire, as Boeing starts auctioning off all the plant’s equipment.

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Obama Pledges $110 million Drought Relief as El Niño Arrives

With Tuna Crabs overrunning San Diego beaches in the first signs that an El Niño weather condition is bearing down on the Western United States, the Obama Administration raised this year’s federal emergency drought funding for the seven Western states to $300 million. After limited aid during two years of inaction, the Obama Administration is going all-in for drought relief, just as El Niño’s torrential rains will soon arrive.

John Hennessy (Steve Jennings / Getty)

Stanford President Hennessy Resigns, as Biz School Rated #1

Stanford University President John Hennessy just announced that he will resign next year after a 15 year run, shortly after the Stanford Business School was rated number one on the planet. By conversations on the web, Stanford is by far the most mentioned university, because most of the captains of Internet industry are its graduates.

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