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Norway Mass Murder: The Dexter Factor

The appalling killing in Norway, and its purported justification via a 1500 page “compendium” by the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik under the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick,” has let loose a remarkably well-coordinated campaign against any intellectuals who have opposed Islamisation

VMI conference to Show Saudi-funded 'Out of Cordoba'

Previously, Patrick Poole reported on an upcoming conference at the Virginia Military Institute celebrating the Islamic invasion and brutal 781-year occupation of Spain entitled “711-2011: East meets West“, and then on the cover-up when they changed “celebrated” to “commemoration.” And

South Sudan Muslims and Independence

These photos just received from Larco Lomayatdit, Juba, South Sudan, Thursday, January 8 to his readers (H/T Faith McDonnell Director, Religious Liberty Programs and Church Alliance for a New Sudan, The Institute on Religion and Democracy): Dear all Greetings from

Investigating America

Dueling investigations are underway on the Ground Zero Mosque. Mustering on the Offense, in opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque: hundreds of citizen researchers, reporters, lawyers, authors, elected officials, and scholars who are researching Imam Rauf and his Muslim Brotherhood

Elena Kagan's Active Promotion of Shariah Law

The Center for Security Policy’s web ad raising questions about Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination targets her dedication to Shariah law: “As Dean of Harvard Law School, Elena Kagan banned military recruiters from campus because US law said they couldn’t

YouTube's (Biased?) Removal of 'We Con the World'

Here’s an update on Youtube’s removal of Latma-TV‘s English-subtitled “We Con The World” video – the parody of the politically correct posturing in the original “We Are The World” song. The Latma video parodied the singers as “Flotilla terrorists” singing