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DOJ to Release Secret EPA E-Mails

DOJ to Release Secret EPA E-Mails

Today, the Department of Justice is to produce the first of four monthly batches totaling 12,000 emails to and from the “secondary” email account of President Obama’s EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson. Rolling Stone hailed Jackson as “the most progressive” EPA

The Push for Lame-Duck Global Warming Tax

The Push for Lame-Duck Global Warming Tax

A report last week in Energy and Environment Daily (subscription required) caught my eye. Titled “Work on climate change happening outside public eye”, it addressed hush-hush plotting by big business and left-wing pressure groups to adopt the “global warming” agenda. Ah, memories

Warmists Demand we Respect Their Authori-tie!

Success in determining what children shall be taught, by parents, of all people, has got the global warming industry organizing to purge local schools of heretical thought. Specifically, the robust ‘skeptical’ case against the theory of catastrophic man-made global warming

Solyndra Scandal: The Silliest Talking Point of All

The Solyndra scandal involving the squandering a half a billion taxpayer dollars down a campaign supporter’s rathole, and then subordinating the taxpayer to another of said supporter’s interests in apparent violation of the Energy Policy Act, marches on. And as

Will the Real Crony Capitalist Please Stand Up?

Sarah Palin weighed in with a very important point in the policy debate about the role of government. Her Saturday speech, among other things, took a swipe at the country’s dilemma of booming crony capitalism: [T]he permanent political class …[use]

Breathless: FDA Bans Asthma Medication

Remember when Barack Obama — with the dignity and off-prompter grace, evincing deep understanding of the issues and the eloquence for which he is fawned over by the media — offered this gem: Everybody knows that it makes no sense

Climate Alarmism, Journalism in their Death Embrace

The Washington Post has a predictable, propagandistic lead Monday editorial — “Climate change underscored: A new report leaves little room for doubt” — that merits a fisking for the prominence given such admittedly non-newsy, if wildly spun and internally inconsistent,

Do Profitable Senators Need Taxpayer Subsidies?

So. With yesterday’s farcical Senate theater, the brain-trust begs a very basic question: “Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., who presided over the hearing [said] ‘Businesses should make a profit. That’s what drives our economy. But do these profitable

Red China's Lessons for Green Boondogglers?

David Kreutzer of Heritage has a great item up on The Foundry, on WaPo’s remarkable (it was WaPo!) exposé of the miracle Chinese bullet trains actually leaving a trail of, well, leaving fiscal and other wreckage in their wake. He

High Gas Prices Catching Up to Obama?

Boy Obama’s deep thinking on energy can get confusing, with yet another ‘green electricity’ plant, in Reno, for some reason serving as today’s backdrop for him to defend high gas prices. And, presumably, his continued wasting of your money on

The Truth About Obama and Nuclear Power

We have established that Obama’s war on coal assumed a massive, crash program of 100 new nuclear reactors — for optics purposes, keeping the cost of killing coal down, on paper — without which power the lights will necessarily go