Col. John Reitzell

Col. John Reitzell

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Gun Control, Self Control, and Tone Control

I am a firm believer that the nug behind the gun is what needs controlling. I also believe that automatic weapons, street sweepers and 31 round mags should be reserved for the good guys. But one restriction always leads to

North Korea: Why They Are What They Are

The United States ended WWII by dropping two nuclear weapons upon the Japanese homeland in 1945. The surrender of the Japanese came soon after, catching The Kremlin and The Pentagon off guard. The invasion of Japan was a certainty to

That Dadgum Mosque Really Bothers Me

I keep hearing from the left – led by none other than “the professor,” President Obama – “We are not at war with Islam, we are at war with al-Qaida.” The teleprompter just keeps prompting him to drone on regarding

Never Forget: Aftermath of 9-11

The attack on the United States by followers of Mohammed, mostly Saudis, caused the President to almost immediately start one of the longest wars in US history: the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq. The intelligence community, which “could of,