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The Curious Candidacy of Jon Huntsman

With many in the media focusing on Sarah Palin’s possible Presidential ambitions, her bus tour, her uncontroversial emails, etc., they say almost nothing about the actual GOP candidates expect for multiple iterations of “they’re boring.” While this may or may

Fareed Zakaria to America: You're Not so Great

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria was on Charlie Rose recently and made the claim that America has become “antiquated” and the system our founding documents created is “dysfunctional.” Zakaria begins by adopting the epic straw man of an arrogant American who thinks

NYT Says Rise in Citizen Journalism Full of "Deceit"

Apparently the New York Times finds a decade’s old journalistic tactic to now be the work of “partisans” and reluctantly reports on its reemergence onto the national scene. The genius of journalism is the cleverer you are in obtaining your

Bill Maher: You know what's great about the NFL? Socialism!

HBO host Bill Maher attempted again this week to starkly smear conservatives. While that’s nothing new, Maher added a small little wrinkle into this profanity laced, factually ignorant diatribe, sports. [youtube w5CckZtcNU nolink] I personally love baseball and football above

Does Paul Krugman Own Logic?

It’s no shock that liberal darling and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman doesn’t like the GOP or its plan to repeal President Obama’s health control law. However, in his Sunday column he felt it necessary to not only call

Dowd: Palin shot "Obambi"

In her epic competition with Kathleen Parker over who can be the snarkiest towards Gov. Sarah Palin, Maureen Dowd now claims a scene from TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is, in fact comparable to Palin hunting down the President of the

SPJ Defends Ethicacy of Assange and WikiLeaks

The Society for Professional Journalists recently deemed that “ethical journalism prevailed” in the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified government documents by WikiLeaks. In her post on Thursday, SPJ’s President Hagit Limor wouldn’t commit to saying that Julian Assange

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