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Waterloo Commemorations and Celebrations Wrap Up in Spectacular Fashion

For several more days British, Belgium the regular French public and even large numbers of Germans have gone to great lengths to commemorate this world famous battle that changed the course of modern history. While far left French President Hollande’s government has chosen to virtually ignore what has unfolded into a massive spectacular attracting world-wide attention, much of the rest of Europe has not followed his lead.

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Waterloo: Napoleon Still a Superstar Brand

June 18 will mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Over 130,000 spectator tickets have been sold for four days of reenactments, speeches, and commemorations being held on the actual site in Belgium where 200,000 French, British, Prussian and Dutch troops once fought to decide the future of Europe.


Americans to Charge at Waterloo

From June 18th through June 20th over 5,000 historical reenactors will gather in central Belgium to commemorate the 200th anniversary of perhaps the most famous battle in world history, Waterloo – and a small group of dedicated, history and horse loving Americans will be an important part of the spectacular festivities. At least one member of the British Royal family will be in attendance along with the King and Queen of Belgium, the King and Queen of the Netherlands, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, various high ranking official from both France and Germany, and other dignitaries from across Europe.

Power of Symbolic Unity Lost on Obama

Fifty major leaders of the free world marched arm in arm on the public streets of Paris to let the world know they stood united against radical Islamic terrorism. President Obama chose not to attend

G.I. Film Festival Wraps on Dramatic Note

G.I. Film Festival Wraps on Dramatic Note

The sixth annual G.I. Film Festival wrapped this weekend with a group of outstanding films that pulled heartstrings and helped us understand the motivations and sacrifices of American men and women who go off to war. “From Philadelphia to Fallujah,” conceived

G.I. Film Festival Opens with Tribute to Ross Perot

G.I. Film Festival Opens with Tribute to Ross Perot

Hollywood and New York are known for hosting “star-studded” galas, events where often vacuous but popular actors and actresses line the red carpet for piranha-like paparazzi. A near-sellout crowd of real heroes and supporters gathered Monday at the start of

BH Interview: Liberal Blacklist Couldn't Stop Chris Mitchum

BH Interview: Liberal Blacklist Couldn't Stop Chris Mitchum

“My dad was essentially a philosophical anarchist,” laughs Chris Mitchum about his famous father Robert Mitchum. “He thought that man was basically good and could govern himself, but he hated authority and didn’t care for heavy handed government. He thought

Sayles' 'Amigo' – The Real History Behind the Film

John Sayles may be this country’s most idiosyncratic independent writer-director, though his personal films and novels often look suspiciously Sol Alinsky-ish. Many of Sayles’ films are of a left leaning historical nature and have ranged from early 20th century miner’s

G. I. Film Festival Starts Today!

In the aftermath of the elite Naval Special Warfare Development Group’s successful raid to take out Osama Bin Laden last week, I feel privileged to be covering the only film festival in the world to feature films about the military.

Why John Wayne Still Matters

Recently New York Times blogger and humanities professor Stanley Fish referenced my Big Hollywood review of the Coen Brothers’ remake of John Wayne and Henry Hathaway’s True Grit. Though I have reviewed a film or two for various publications I’ve

John Wayne's Dream: 'The Alamo' at Fifty

The other weekend in San Antonio over 600 people gathered for the 50th anniversary re-premiere and celebration of one of the great American-themed epics of the early 1960s, John Wayne’s The Alamo. People came from far and wide to watch

Of George Clooney, Charlton Heston and Real Class

The George Clooney film The American opened in the number one box office spot this last weekend despite a terrible reception from those who actually sat through the film. According to the reviews Clooney plays an armorer turned assassin, which

War on Terror Films: Dear Hollywood, You're Doing It Wrong

The recent Daily Variety article “Hollywood calls ‘Truce’ on war films” described how the film industry is now sidelining any future war and espionage films because of recent box office disappointment like Green Zone. The $100 million to $130 million

John Wayne, World War II and the Draft

John Wayne has been on people’s minds lately. Dick Cavett recently wrote a nostalgic New York Times piece about his lone meeting with Hollywood’s “Duke.” He also told of the meeting on the Dennis Miller Show. Meanwhile, liberal author Gary

'Avatar' and the Myth of the Noble 'Blueskins': Part One

With the success of James Cameron’s Avatar, audiences are once again being assaulted by Hollywood’s assumption of self-hate and false politically correct “truths” about who America is today and what we were in our past. Of course we shouldn’t be