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Dana White in Boston 3 25 15

Go Hard & Go Home: UFC Fights the Injury Bug Killing Big Fights

“We’re going to start trying to control the uncontrollable,” UFC President Dana White told Breitbart Sports this spring regarding injuries derailing cards. The remarks ironically came backstage at a presser promoting UFC 189, whose main event appears in jeopardy after a rib injury to featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

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Zack Hample Took A-Rod’s Ball and Went Home—He Tells Breitbart Sports Why

Last weekend, Zack Hample caught A-Rod’s 3,000th hit, a home run to the short right-field porch in Yankee Stadium. The media attention Hample received nearly overshadowed the designated hitter’s feat. A-Rod owns merely 3,000 or so hits. Zack Hample boasts snagging more than 8,000 major-league balls. Breitbart Sports caught up with the Willie Mays of ballhawks to find out why he won’t give back the A-Rod ball, how to increase our chances of snagging souvenirs, and which parks favor the ball-hunting fans.

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell AP

Tom Brady’s Odds Aren’t Good But the ‘Goods’ on Him Are Terribly Odd

The zebra in the room, actually stampeding through Roger Goodell’s office, today is the inconvenient truth that the NFL chose to disbelieve its own referee in the Wells Report. Worse still, the NFL repeatedly chose to disbelieve its own referee on the most crucial matter pertaining to Deflategate after repeatedly accepting his memory without question elsewhere in the report.

Tom Brady

State School Paid Tom Brady $170K to Speak

Salem State University paid New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady $170,000 for his speech at the school last month. All the money stuffed in the Super Bowl MVP’s pocket could not get the quarterback to open his mouth much on the subject on everybody’s mind.

Diva Legacy

Pandagram: Red Sox Bench Pablo Sandoval for In-Game Instagram ‘Like’

Four years after the Boston Red Sox blew a playoff berth during a stretch in which pitchers ate fried chicken and drank beer during games, Pablo Sandoval has been caught “liking” pictures of a woman on Instagram. The offense came during the seventh inning of last night’s game against the Atlanta Braves as Sandoval awaited a turn in the batting order that never came that frame.

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