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Daniel J. Flynn

Daniel J. Flynn

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O'Neil Bell

Requiem for a Cruiserweight

The boxing ring, seen by spectators as a squared circle of sadistic brutality, strangely serves as a refuge from violence for many practitioners of the sweet science. O’Neil Bell, the former lineal cruiserweight champion of the world, serves as a case in point.

Jorge Masvidal Hits Mitts

Internet Brawler Takes on Former UFC Champ

Former YouTube brawler Jorge Masvidal faces his biggest test as a professional mixed-martial artist when he takes on onetime UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in South Korea early Saturday morning. Seoul’s a long way from the backyards of Miami.


Bashar al-Assad and the ‘Children of Monsters’

Breitbart News caught up to author Jay Nordlinger earlier this month. The dictator’s son commanding his attention also commands the world’s. The headlines call Bashar al-Assad a “butcher” and a “mass murderer.” Nordlinger calls him, or at least an earlier version of him, “shy” and “nerdy.”

Jameis Winston

CNN Airs Documentary Labeled ‘Defamation’ by Jameis Winston’s Lawyers on Record Day for QB

Jameis Winston enjoyed his best day as a pro on Sunday afternoon on Fox, throwing five touchdowns in a 45-17 road rout over the Philadelphia Eagles. On Sunday evening on CNN, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback endured a one-sided beatdown on The Hunting Ground, a documentary alleging an “epidemic” of campus sexual assault that supports the charge that Heisman Trophy-winner raped a woman while attending Florida State University.

Adrian Peterson AP

Marathon Bombing Brain-Injury Shyster Validates NFL’s Reluctance to Expand Settlement

In a Philadelphia court earlier this week, the NFL sought to exclude the families of plaintiffs diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) after the settlement from receiving payments from the billion-dollar pool set up for retired players. In a Boston court last week, Joanna Leigh pled guilty to defrauding Boston Marathon charities of nearly $40,000 after claiming a non-existent brain injury from the 2013 bomb blast. A thread beyond brain injuries ties the two cases together.

Ronda Rousey Mike Tyson AP

It’s a Long Way to the Bottom When You Wanna Ronda Rousey

We watched Peter Brady knock Buddy Hinton’s tooth loose Saturday night. Linderman and Clifford just bloodied up Matt Dillon and his bald accomplice. Biff got a truckload of cow mess dumped on his head, this time in Melbourne, Australia, rather than Hill Valley, California.