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Daniel J. Flynn

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One of Jim Jones’ Closest Allies Died This Weekend, and the NY Times Omits the Friendship in the Obit

Native American leader Dennis Banks died over the weekend at 80. Before his family could bury him, the media buried Banks’s friendship with one of the twentieth century’s most prolific mass murderers. The obituaries offered obligatory mentions of Jane Fonda, Marlon Brando, and other high-profile supporters. They curiously omitted the name Jim Jones.

Flynn: Why Harvey Weinstein Did Not Get the Duke Lacrosse Treatment

If the University of Virginia fraternity brothers or Duke lacrosse players or white employees of the New York criminal justice system stand accused, then publicity ensues no matter the facts. But when a Hollywood producer who donates massive amounts of money to the Democratic Party finds himself on the wrong end of rape accusations, journalists find themselves running from the story.