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Messing With Texas: Yet More Temperature Tampering

For over a century averaged temperatures in Texas have shown a steady decline during the first few months of the year. That was at least until recently when the historical data was “adjusted” to show warming instead. Climate sceptic and

‘Earth Hour’ is nothing but ‘Poseur Hour’

Earth Hour came and went again this year on Saturday the 28th of March between 8.30-9.30pm. If you didn’t notice, don’t be surprised. I think few people who were not already committed climate change catastrophists even knew it was happening.


Climate change as ‘leftist malware’

An excellent new meme has entered the climate change debate thanks to David Harsanyi, writing in The Federalist. In his article he articulates why wide acceptance of catastrophic climate change is failing to manifest: because it comes along with an

Jihadis in jail: How Islamist gangs took over our prisons

Last week, we witnessed multiple atrocities carried out by French home-grown jihadis. The Kouachi brothers purportedly made clear in communications during their warehouse siege that they wished to be “martyred.” There was speculation among commenters here on Breitbart and elsewhere