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Mourning Celebrities

What exactly is the proper response to the news that the most famous and most talented accused-child molester in America has died? Talk about mixed emotions. Like most shallow, self centered knuckleheads in show business, I place an inordinate importance

Think Pink

[youtube zTXMw6mg-0k Dave Konig Roasts George Takei] As usual, Dick Cheney is right and Barack Obama is wrong. It’s time to wave the pink flag and drop opposition to gay marriage. I’ve changed my thinking on this one. Personally, I

Terror Plot: A Bronx Tale

On the same day that President Obama gave his Guantanamo speech excoriating the Bush administration (will somebody tell this guy he won the election – as the great political philosopher Dean Martin would say; “What are you hollering for? You

Republican Date Night

Newt Gingrich is much taller in person than he is on TV. The lovely Bride of Konig (author of I Wear The Maternity Pants In This Family – www.susankonig.com) and I were invited to a screening of the Newt and

Outrageous Celebs Not Worthy of Outrage

I’ve been in show business my entire life. I started as an obnoxious young child actor. I’ve been around actors my whole life. For the most part, they’re wonderful, sweet people. Some are very, very talented. Most are well meaning.

Everybody Lay Off Tom Shillue!

I like him. And yes, he is funny. If you’re irritated with him for his most recent column defending Janeane Garofalo, you’re going to have to take my word for it. Tom posted a column the other day about Garofalo.

A Comedian In The New York Guard

Last Friday night at 11:30 PM, I was on stage at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City “eating the check spot.” Six hours later, at “oh-dark-thirty” I was humping the hills of a local Army post, being fired

Fidel – Happy At Last!

One day Hugo Chavez calls upon President Obama to join a great, global socialist revolution, the next Obama moves towards normalizing relations with Cuba. It’s good to see the U.S. listening to other world leaders again! It’s been two years

Actors On Strike – Take Two!

Dumb With the ongoing struggle within SAG between the strike faction and the anti-strike faction, and with the upcoming commercial actor’s contract negotiations looming, it is time to address the big issue behind the union’s difficulties. No, it’s not the