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Found Art: Dear Leader Addresses the Children

Tomorrow President Obama will address our children and students will be encouraged to write his inspirational sayings on sticky notes and homemade posters. My daughter’s class loves the Chairman President so much that they couldn’t wait to get right to

Review: 'Julie and Julia' A Masterpiece

I don’t recall liking much of Nora Ephron’s work other than “When Harry Met Sally.” In fact, if I knew she made “Julie and Julia,” I probably would have avoided it, since “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail” just

Reporting From Comic-Con: The End is Near

Another great day of selling books, meeting fans, I sold out of my posters and blah blah blah. Tonight I’m officially burnt. Don’t worry, that’s part of the Con too. Sundays are notorious for hosting crowds of The Living Dead

Reporting From Comic-Con: The Recession

Well, there you have it. I made my first big mistake of parking at the mall for Comi-Con and after having drinks with my “Ghostopolis” editor I discovered I racked up a parking bill for 54 dollars. That’s because I’m

Reporting From Comic-Con: Overlap

What does Voltron, Gumby, “Gods of War III” and Bone have in common? Nothing and everything. This is the great cultural collision that occurs at the San Diego Comic-con. I moved into my booth as all of the exhibitors to

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