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After SCOTUS, Push for Real Health Reform Begins

After SCOTUS, Push for Real Health Reform Begins

When speaking about a $1 trillion reform–whose price tag has at least doubled–it seems silly to use the term “nickels and dimes.” But the “savings” part, as designed, would offset only a small fraction of the additional spending component. Those

Newt's 2003 Blueprint for ObamaCare

The idea that America needs transforming, and that he is the man to do it, did not start with Barack Obama. The grandiosely named Center for Health Transformation (CHT) was started by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In 2003, Newt

Is Medicare the Real Target of 'Health Care Reform?'

Nobody outside the inner halls of Congress really knows what’s going on in the negotiations on health care “reform. Every now and then, someone emerges from the formerly smoke-filled rooms and throws another 2,000 or so page “bill” out into