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Madonna Targeted for Being Older and Female

Madonna – love her or hate her. Some think she has no talent, while others have named their daughters after her. Some think her career is pure marketing and her fans believe she’s a real trend setter. There has always

The Poorly Behaved Housewives of New Jersey

A few years ago when the first “Real Housewives” show on Bravo surfaced quicker than pictures of Anthony Wiener in his BVDs, the locale of the show was Orange County California, which, although is a serene and aesthetically beautiful area

Jennifer Lopez: You Made the Right Move, Thank You!

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook group called “Against Jennifer Lopez Performing in Occupied Cyprus” came to my attention. Being a Greek-American and half Cypriot, I immediately investigated and found out that Ms. Lopez was scheduled to perform in

Why Are We Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

The first time I ever heard of the name Kardashian was in June of 1994 after the famous O.J. car chase. Robert Kardashian publicly read a letter written by O.J., which sparked off the beginning of one of the biggest

Larry David's God-Given American Right to Be a Jerk

What in the world is wrong with people in the entertainment industry who come from humble beginnings, have a few years of real struggle and then with their uniqueness and by the grace of God (which you could interpret as

Whitney Didn't Have it All

I watched Whitney Houston’s interview on Oprah and I did not have to wait until it was over to feel great sadness. Whitney burst out in to the scene with her first album when she was 22 years old, with