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Is the Joke on the SEIU or Us?

The joke was on the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) this week. On Tuesday, a fake press release claimed SEIU had voted to revoke their endorsement of President Obama. The Washington Post reported the fake release quoted SEIU President Mary

Big Labor vs. Taxpayers

Co-authored with Trey Kovacs Until recently, union bosses–not elected representatives–have been in control of the government employee compensation process. Using taxpayer dollars they obtain through mandatory dues, they elect the management they later negotiate with. However, across the country in

Under Obama, Running Out of Money Is a Success

Only in Washington would running out of money and prematurely limiting a program be considered a success. This Friday (May 6,) Obamacare’s first handout program will cease accepting new applications, but not before billions of dollars have been redistributed or

Wisconsin Supreme Court: A Referendum that Wasn't

Big labor attempted to turn yesterday’s election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court into a referendum on Governor Scott Walker’s budget policies, but, like much else in Wisconsin politics these days, the results remain unclear. This state court

Labor Secretary Admits Union Bias

Speaking to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis admitted she was biased toward unions. Unions only account for 11.9 percent of the workforce, but Solis’ favoritism puts them ahead

Union Members: Where Do Your Dues Go?

Union members are used to paying dues, but many may not know exactly where their hard-earned money goes. Unions are big businesses; they can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They do it by taking dues directly

Unions Hire Non-union Picketers?

The Mid-Atlantic Region of Carpenters (MARC) is notorious for hiring non-union workers to walk their union picket lines. These paid non-union picketers are usually given minimum wage and no benefits. In an act of pure hypocrisy MARC protests are targeted

The New King of Detroit

Authored with Ivan Osorio Yesterday, the United Auto Workers union (UAW) named Bob King as its new president. Does this mean a change in direction for one of America’s most powerful unions? Not likely. King, a UAW vice president before

Big Labor's Big Disappointment

Authored with Bruce McElvein Recently Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the AFL-CIO executive council in Florida. As Ricky Ricardo used to tell Lucy, Labor thinks the Vice President’s “got some ‘splainin’ to do.” The Vice President was defensive saying