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Red Cross: Water Shortage May Prompt ‘Big Health Epidemics’ in Syria

The International Committee of the Red Cross is warning that denial of water supplies as a weapon of war could trigger an “epidemic” of any number of diseases in Syria, where the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) continues to battle for territory against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops and an array of rebel fighters.


Turkey: Arrested Vice Journalists Had Video Interviews of PKK Members

Turkish state media is confirming that three Vice News journalists, arrested on “terrorism” charges in the Middle Eastern nation, had ties to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), possessing footage of members of the group making molotov cocktails while being interviewed. Turkey has moved the journalists to a facility five hours away from their legal representation.

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Boko Haram Members Arrested in Lagos, Nigeria’s Largest City

The Islamic State-affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram has a small, but very real presence in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, authorities asserted this week. According to Nigeria’s federal intelligence agency, up to 12 people suspected of being members of Boko Haram have been arrested in the city.

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Video: Venezuelan Prisoners Eating Stray Cats to Survive

An NGO operating in Venezuela has published videos of starved prisoners in the socialist nation killing, skinning, and cooking cats on aluminum pans in order to survive, as wardens have forbidden families from bringing food and serve only a small cup of rice and water per day.


Colombia: Venezuelan Soldiers Are Sexually Abusing Our Girls

Colombia’s Attorney General Office is accusing the Venezuelan government of allowing its soldiers to sexually abuse underaged Colombian girls as Venezuela executes a mass deportation of Colombian citizens triggered by an attack on Venezuelan soldiers. President Nicolás Maduro insists Colombia is responsible.

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Nigerian Army Denies Reports of 160-Person Boko Haram Massacre

Nigerians in northern Yobe state are decrying a Boko Haram attack that resulted in 160 people–including dozens of children–drowning as they fled the terrorist group. But the Nigerian military is calling the reports “unsubstantiated” and denying the attack occurred at all.

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Mystery Foam Covers Tianjin Blast Site as China Announces Arrests

Residents of Tianjin, China are reporting on social media the emergence of a strange foam throughout its streets following the first rainfall since a massive chemical explosion destroyed much of the city. Chinese officials are claiming the foam is safe, while announcing that at least ten corporate executives are being “controlled” for an investigation into the blast.

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