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ISIS Photos Show Jihadists Leveling Entire Cemetery

Islamic State jihadists have released photos on social media of their counterparts in Syria destroying a cemetery by hammering tombs to the ground. The group claims to object to tombs as wrongful worship of the dead, though much of the material was also taken away to use as construction materials.
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Former Dictator Takes Nigerian Election Lead amid Fraud Allegations

Perhaps the greatest success of Nigeria's elections held last Saturday is that the Islamist terror group Boko Haram has failed to steal the biggest headlines for itself. Former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari is currently leading the polls with half a million more votes that incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in an election marked more by allegations of fraud than terrorist violence.

China Sentences Couple to Prison for Beard and Burqa

A Chinese couple has been sentenced to spend years in prison for wearing overtly Islamic fashions in the western Chinese city of Xinjiang. Chinese authorities sentenced the man to six years for sporting a beard and the woman to two years for wearing a burqa.

Turkish Pres Mulls Entering Yemen Fray: Iran ‘Has Begun Annoying Us’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged his full support to the Sunni Arab coalition currently fighting the Shiite Houthi rebels that have taken over Yemen's capital, Sanaa. Stating that Iranian attempts to "dominate the region" have "begun annoying us," Erdogan noted that Turkey is ready to further involve itself in the conflict "if there is a role to play."

Pro-ISIS Magazine Bombed in Istanbul

Adımlar Magazine, a radical Islamist publication headquartered in Istanbul that has publicly supported ISIS, has lost a writer and three of its editors were injured this week in a blast at their headquarters. Responsibility for the attack is disputed in several publications, though the editor in chief of Adımlar insists the bombing was the work of "the CIA or the Mossad."

Iraq Cozies Up to Assad as Syria Looks to Unite Coalition against ISIS–and US

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari visited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday in an event that appears intended to strengthen ties between Baghdad and Damascus in light of their mutually shared threat of Islamic State (ISIS) invasion. Iraq's desire to forge stronger ties with Assad flies in the face of American diplomatic efforts to isolate the dictator after his alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians.

Turkish Cartoonists Sentenced to Prison for Erdogan Gay Joke

The Islamist government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sentenced two cartoonists to 11 months in prison for drawing a magazine cover in which some claim it is implied that Erdogan is homosexual. The cartoon also overtly depicts Erdogan discussing killing journalists.

Amnesty Targets Venezuelan Socialists: Protesters ‘Beaten, Burnt, Sexually Abused’

The human rights violations occurring in Venezuela-- from thousands of arbitrary arrests to beatings and rapes to the murder of unarmed teenagers-- have taken up little of the international spotlight in the past year. They have, however, increasingly caught the attention of human rights groups like Amnesty International, which details and condemns the abuses in a report released this week.

Assange: Argentine Prosecutor Investigating Iran ‘Should Have Been Disciplined’

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has decided to jump into the fray of the Alberto Nisman murder mystery, telling an Argentine news outlet that the high-ranking prosecutor-- found dead hours before he was scheduled to accuse the Argentine president of aiding Hezbollah-- should have been "disciplined" for cooperating in his investigations with the United States.
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Greek PM Raises WW II Reparations during Otherwise Cordial Berlin Visit

Leftist Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, during a visit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, raised the issue of Greece receiving war reparations for the damage the Nazis did to the country in World War II. Despite Merkel's rapid dismissal of the possibility, the two appeared cordial and friendly during their public press event leading up to a reception dinner.

Argentine Official: Slain Prosecutor on Iran Case Was ‘Scoundrel’ with Prostitute Problem

The chief of staff to Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner accused slain prosecutor Alberto Nisman of using public funds to issue friends no-show jobs, buy "expensive champagne," and hire prostitutes. Nisman died the day before formally accusing the President and other high-ranking officials of conspiring to protect Iranian terrorists for lower oil prices from the Islamic Republic.

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