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Venezuela Authorizes Use of Lethal Weapons on Civilian Protesters

With the anniversary of the arrest of opposition party leader Leopoldo López approaching, the Venezuelan government has approved new legislation which would allow the Bolivarian National Guard to use "potentially lethal force" against protesters calling for the fully free exercise of the freedoms of expression and assembly.
AP Photo/Nicolas Garcia

Venezuelan Security Head: Chávez Died Months Before Official Announcement

The former head of security for Venezuela's Second in Command has defected to the United States, accused his old boss of running an international drug cartel, and now claims that deceased dictator Hugo Chávez Frías died months before the official announcement of his death, hidden from the public eye by current Venezuelan leaders who used his name to pass legislation convenient for them under Chávez's name.

Video: ISIS Beheads Man Pleading for Mercy on Streets of Syrian Town

New footage of a gruesome public beheading in a town square of al-Shadadi, a northern Syrian town controlled by the Islamic State, has hit the Internet. A man, whose crime is unknown, is seen pleading for his life to a crowd of dozens of onlookers before an Islamic State executioner severs his head to shouts of "Allahu Akbar!"

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