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Nigerian Army Denies Reports of 160-Person Boko Haram Massacre

Nigerians in northern Yobe state are decrying a Boko Haram attack that resulted in 160 people–including dozens of children–drowning as they fled the terrorist group. But the Nigerian military is calling the reports “unsubstantiated” and denying the attack occurred at all.

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Mystery Foam Covers Tianjin Blast Site as China Announces Arrests

Residents of Tianjin, China are reporting on social media the emergence of a strange foam throughout its streets following the first rainfall since a massive chemical explosion destroyed much of the city. Chinese officials are claiming the foam is safe, while announcing that at least ten corporate executives are being “controlled” for an investigation into the blast.


Honduras Struggles with Unprecedented Surge in Cuban Migrants

The government of Honduras is facing unprecedented numbers of Cuban refugees who opt to reach its shores on makeshift maritime vessels, hoping to cross north towards the United States. Honduras has apprehended 5,000 Cuban nationals so far this year, 3,000 more than the entirety of 2014.

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Top Cuban Dissidents Snub John Kerry After Embassy Schmoozefest

Two of Cuba’s most prominent anti-communist leaders refused to meet with American Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit to Havana last weekend, condemning the Obama administration for “caving” to Castro regime demands and meeting only privately for a social event with the dissidents.

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Nigeria Gives Military Three Months to Destroy Boko Haram

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari gave his new military leaders a three-month time frame for eradicating the ISIS-linked terror group Boko Haram during their inauguration this week, as the group expands its murderous activity to Cameroon, Niger, and Chad.


Kerry to Cuban Government in Spanish: ‘There is Nothing to Fear’

“No hay nada que temer” (“there is nothing to fear”), Secretary of State John Kerry told Cuban communist government officials and their Obama administration guests at the new United States embassy in Havana Friday, applauding dictator Raúl Castro and President Obama for the reestablishment of diplomatic relations that culminated in today’s ceremony.

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Fidel Castro, Who Owes U.S. Citizens $7 Billion, Demands ‘Millions’ from Obama

An article in Cuban media claiming to be written by retired Cuban despot Fidel Castro is demanding an unspecified number of “millions” of dollars from the United States as recompense for alleged economic damage created by America’s sanctions on the repressive communist state, on the eve of the scheduled celebration of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Havana.

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Amid Confusion, U.S. Begins Anti-ISIS Manned Airstrikes from Turkey

Two days after American F-16s arrived at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, authorities are confirming that manned American airstrikes are being conducted from Turkey into Syria, the first time since the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) that such activity has occurred. The arrival of American troops to Syrian skies follows confusion regarding whether Turkey and the United States have agreed to create a “buffer zone” free of jihadis and Kurds in Syria.


Turkish Barbers See Boom as ‘ISIS Has Damaged the Beard Fashion’

As their nation continues its airstrike campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS)), Turkish barbers are seeing a spike in the number of men turning to them to maintain a clean-shaven look that keeps them from looking like members of the jihadist group. The new trend recalls another clean-shaven boom in 2014, when Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists in the southeast targeted bearded men for attack.


Greek Island of Kos Officials Slam Athens for Ignoring Migrant Crisis

Officials governing the Greek island of Kos, home to tens of thousands of illegal migrants from the Middle East, have issued a letter calling Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou and the Athens government “irresponsible” for offering insufficient aid to help curb the increasingly tense migrant issue.

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