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Lawrence O'Donnell: Sorry for Invoking Slavery

From Paul Bond at the Hollywood Reporter: He has been on only for a week, but MSNBC’s newest host Lawrence O’Donnell is already channeling Rick Sanchez and Dr. Laura Schlessinger by apologizing for insensitive remarks directed at a minority. In

Great Moments in Media Buys, Nutmeg State Division

With one simple question, Linda McMahon reveals Richard “Sgt. Toys for Tots” Blumenthal as the clueless, blithering NPR-voiced idiot he so obviously is: [youtube ovIBLQyl7HE&feature nolink] It’s always about government with these “public servants,” who view the private sector as

Great Moments in Political-Baseball History

Batter up! [youtube jirSqpYpvrE nolink] But ol’ Charlie’s still got a way to go to top this one: [youtube EJBlwUfIoDk nolink] By comparison, here’s what a real first pitch looks like: [youtube 3h-mjgstw_U nolink] In the not-too-distant future, the irrational

Is This Any Way for an Anchorman to Talk?

That would be Shepard Smith, of course: [youtube 7gYRTa6q1wc&feature nolink] Not the first time he’s had a little trouble activating brain before opening mouth: [youtube 3IMgZqm4-Po nolink]

Pigs Fly: Chris Matthews Scolds Liberal Guest

Every now and then, strange things happen over at MSNBC… David Corn’s not used to be on the receiving end of the famous Matthews mouth. Expect stranger things to come as we approach the fateful date of Nov. 2.

Howie Kurtz Leaves Sinking WaPo, Joins 'Daily Beast'

From Politico: On the eve of Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast’s turning two years old, Brown took to the site’s pages Tuesday to announce some big news: Howard Kurtz is joining the Beast as Washington bureau chief. Funny, Kurtz was

'One Nation' of Hate Rally — Marcher Assaults Reporter

That would be Emily Miller, Big Journalism contributor now working for Human Events and who was filming at the ‘Trash the Mall’ thug rally yesterday: [youtube 3049ny1JczA&feature nolink] Isn’t tolerance a wonderful thing? Too bad it’s never a two-way street.

'Who're You?' — A Democrat Thug Is About to Find Out the Hard Way

Recognize this boor? He’s soon-to-be-former-Rep. Bob Etheridge of North Carolina. Uhh… Bob? Remember that streetside interview after which, in a perfect world, you should have been brought up on charges of battery? [youtube unYzX_quvbc&feature nolink] Maybe, just mabye, on Nov.

Bill Kristol Waves Farewell to the Obama Administration

Over at the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol tries to control his inner optimist: It would be unbecoming for us at The Weekly -Standard​–we do have to uphold standards, after all!–to chortle with glee as the Democratic party melts down. It

Larry Elder Returns to the Los Angeles Air Waves

From the Los Angeles Times: Larry Elder, the self-proclaimed “Sage from South Central,” has heard you missed him. Now he’s back. Elder, the African American talk-show host who frequently provoked black listeners with his conservative views during his 15-year stint

Why Is This Woman Smiling?

Because Kolbert was so darn funny in his testimony to the Klowns in Kongress? Is it just us or does Madame Speaker always seem to be in a bit of a… how to put this delicately… … a fog? A

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Stephen Kolbert Klowns for Kongress

We knew that Congress was fundamentally unserious, but we had no idea it was this unserious: [youtube YsvclalwR7k nolink] Unbelievable. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, who invited the fake “conservative” “journalist,” should be ashamed of herself. Meanwhile… News of real importance was

Axelrod, Obama Media Guru, Will Return to Chicago

From WGN: David Axelrod, a top advisor to President Obama and the main architect of his election victory in 2008, will be leaving the White House next year and returning to Chicago to work on the president’s re-election campaign, a

When You've Lost Chris Matthews…

Is the survival instinct finally begin to kick in for the MSM? Or will they simply gather on the decks and sing, “Nearer My God To Thee?” Matthews is heading for the life boats — who’s next?

Why Is Col. Allen West Not a Media Star?

You know why… he doesn’t fit the narrative. [youtube b5mAvBIFUFQ&feature nolink] This is what leadership looks like. Which is why they are trying — by any means necessary — — to destroy him. Because they fear him, and what he