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Opinion: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ‘I-Word’?

Opinion: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad ‘I-Word’?

It seems to be “common knowledge” these days that, though the President has ignored the Constitution and feels free to break the laws repeatedly, the I-word is only mentioned through dark doorways in hushed tones.  Holding people accountable for their

Shinseki Resigns, Government Song Remains the Same

Shinseki Resigns, Government Song Remains the Same

V.A. administrator Eric Shinseki resigned this weekend under severe pressure from everyone who wants a broken Veterans Affairs department to get fixed. The problem is this–changing the cast of characters won’t repair a systemically flawed system. The V.A. works on

Our Veterans Deserve Better than Bureaucracy

Our Veterans Deserve Better than Bureaucracy

Our Veterans. We ask them to put on the uniform. We ask them to take up arms. And we ask them to protect us–and sacrifice their time, their safety and in so many cases, their lives–to keep us safe. Is

Racism and America's Death March to Utopia

Racism and America's Death March to Utopia

I won’t defend Los Angeles Clippers’ owner, Donald Sterling, for his racial attitudes and beliefs. But I will defend his right to hold them. One’s thoughts are his own private property. And until a jack-booted squad of Thought Police kick in your door

Obama's Sequester Cuts Dull Tip of the Spear

Obama's Sequester Cuts Dull Tip of the Spear

NOTE: This article was written a day before the horrific shooting attack on the D.C. Naval base. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the fallen. That said, lawmakers need to rethink this whole “Gun-Free Zone” business.

Journalists Rush to Rescue Obama from Benghazi Blame

Journalists Rush to Rescue Obama from Benghazi Blame

Diversion, distraction, smoke-screen obfuscation … one thing you can say about our newly re-elected President, he has more moves than an NFL open-field running back. Some scandal rears its ugly head, and bada-boom they launch flack and flares to divert

Obama Voters Want 24/7 Christmas

Obama Voters Want 24/7 Christmas

The dazzling, urbanite Barack Obama experiment is back in the saddle for four more. Four more what? Four more years of the dismantling of America. Faith in my country is at an all-time low because I see Obama’s re-election as

Graham Stands Up for Republicans in Hollywood

Graham Stands Up for Republicans in Hollywood

For as long as I can remember Liberals in Hollywood had their run of the place. On any set, at any awards show, inside any casting office, at any industry mixer … the loud voices always leaned left. But things

Shhh! Hollywood Silent as Free Speech Takes a Beating

Shhh! Hollywood Silent as Free Speech Takes a Beating

Recently the entire Muslim world exploded in rage and riot, supposedly inflamed by a low-budget spoof of Islam called “The Innocence of Muslims.” In a coordinated attack, a large group of terrorists killed four American personnel including the U.S. Anbassador,

Prepare to Lose Liberal Friends Come Nov. 7

Prepare to Lose Liberal Friends Come Nov. 7

Say goodbye now, before it gets too obvious. But don’t let them know you’re saying goodbye. Just invite them out to lunch or over for a barbecue. Or meet for coffee … just casual … no big deal. Nobody need

'Bought & Paid': Have Strat, Will Agitate

Nothing is free. You pay a price for everything. Anything of value is worth working for. These are the values my father tried to beat into my thick skull…with varying degrees of success. Once, still in high school, I approached

The Culture War Ramps Up

Ed. Note: This post was supposed to include a new Gray Graham song but unfortunately editorial (that would be me) screwed up and it didn’t. Good news? We will have more Graham-goodness later in week WITH the tune. My apologies

Mr. President… Un-Reinvent America!

The Left is so fond of exhorting their opponents to ‘compromise’. The trouble is, the Left each year moves further and further to the left – pulling that center-point of compromise further and further left. Compromise with totalitarian ideals smacks

Veterans Day: Of Movies and Memorials

When I was a little kid, I was nutso for war movies. Guadalcanal Diaries. None But the Brave. The Longest Day. Combat. The Battle of the Bulge. I would sit and watch them with my web belt and canteen, Army

4th of July: Jimmy Cagney IS America!

I was maybe eight or nine when my sisters, brother and I watched this every single night for a week. Stations did that back then. Call it cheap baby-sitting. But we were riveted. I’d never seen a man dance like

Notes From a Tea Party: I'm Old School

[I gave an abbreviated version of this speech at a Tea-Party in Lake Forrest, California yesterday.] It’s so nice to be back in Orange County where I grew up. And it’s great to be surrounded by all of my fellow

ObamaCare: A Good Night For Tyranny

But it was a bad night for Liberty. Oh man. I didn’t want to write a blog today. Damn those Dems. (And a special F-U to you twits who voted them in.) A bad night for Liberty. But it was

Letters From Haiti: When Mountains Moved

The piercing roar of the C-17 jet engines rattled my skull as it went to full throttle and lifted off into the amber sky back towards Miami. The awesome machine had just delivered its precious payload of relief supplies to

ONE YEAR GONE: The Death of Class

President George W. Bush left office a year ago today. The occasion was marked for me, not so much as the grand event of inaugurating our first black President, as it was a societal harbinger of ominous times ahead. Mr.

It's A Wonderful… Lie

On this, the one-year anniversary of Big Hollywood, it is fitting that ‘One Pissed Off Dude’ should mark it with a proper lambasting of one of America’s favorite films ever: “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I’ve intentionally held off until after

The War of Words — Why We're Losing

He who defines the rules controls the game. And we’re letting them define the rules. Jobs. Health care. Economic justice. Working families. Income redistribution. Fairness. Words mean things. Very specific things. We on the Right tend to forget that. By

It's Morning-After In America

I awoke this morning with a splitting headache. As I staggered to the bathroom I blew past the mirror without a glance, fearful of the report. I hadn’t felt this awful since I can’t remember when. Though memory eluded me

PelosiCare: Liars, Luddites and Leprechauns

Nancy Pelosi, having renamed the Public Option, the ‘Consumer Option,’ triumphantly trotted out this morning the Hose version of the Health Care Reform Bill, now called The Affordable American Health Care Bill. (“Affordable” – what does that mean, exactly? Affordable

Art is Stuff …and Stuff Happens

This stuff doesn’t happen on its own. Somebody must create it. Art is the product of conscious action. But art cannot be considered ‘art’…until it is named. It must be called ‘art.’ And it seems today that regardless of the

Let Them Eat Kale

So I guess it’s the schoolyard chivalry I was raised on that taught me you never beat up on the girl. Thus, I have held my tongue in regards to the good First Lady, Michelle Obama. But now it has

Honoring September 11th: Friend From Foe

It wasn’t a ‘disaster.’ Hurricanes, tsunami’s, earthquakes and famines are disasters. It wasn’t a ‘tragedy.’ Accidental drownings, poisonings, SIDS, freak accidents….those are tragedies. This was an evil, premeditated attack. The worst, most deadly and devastating attack ever carried off against

The Adventures of Bunky and Biggo

[youtube dGFXGwHsD_A nolink] FADE IN: Biggo slips quietly into the ornate den. Seagulls can be heard amidst the distant crash of waves. Three security men stand about the room, in attentive, professional bearing. A silver-haired, bloated old man lies on

Yes We Canadian! — The Public Option

I love words. And, fancying myself a bit of a wordsmith, I pay particular attention to things like sentence construction, grammar, artful phrasing and syntax. Not to mention euphemisms and/or outright verbal distortion. We have been hearing a lot lately

The Great Beer Summit of 2009

Event in progress…we go LIVE to Washington, D.C. …reporting live on this historic occasion. A crisis of epic proportions may have been averted…by an invitation from the White House to simply sit down …and have a beer. This creatively innovative

Obama Wants to Buck Us Up

In speaking to the American Nurse Association in the Rose Garden today, Mr. Obama, speaking of the urgent need to pass his hugely exorbitant and grossly ineffective health care bill, said, “”We need to buck up people here,” Obama said.