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Media Circles Wagons to Protect Warren Over 'Native American' Flap

Media Circles Wagons to Protect Warren Over 'Native American' Flap

Must-read from Guy Benson at Townhall: Journalists overwhelmingly support Democrats, yet many delude themselves about their own capacity for objectivity. What would be a “deeply troubling” story if its subject were a conservative magically transforms into a silly and petty

'Law & Order' Deserved a Proper Series Finale

“Objection, your honor.” - Jack McCoy Law & Order devotees have subconsciously felt this moment coming for some time, but now that the axe has finally fallen, many of us are grappling with television-induced heartache. NBC confirmed Friday that it

Defund Planned Parenthood

Some people may not abhor Planned Parenthood for its past and present racism and abortion profiteering. Others may shrug at its systemic, criminal avoidance of statutory rape laws, and tawdry “sexual education” guides aimed at teenagers. But perhaps even some

Government-Devised Mortgage 'Rescue' Fails

In my piece over the weekend, I cited the Obama administration’s “Making Home Affordable” mortgage bailout plan as a paradigmatic example of why the public is right to distrust the federal government’s capacity to manage health care. I quoted a

Tipping the Scales Against Washington

Several hours into last month’s marathon health care summit, President Obama became exasperated. Republican lawmakers Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Jon Kyl had plainly laid out their party’s objections to his massive legislation by emphasizing a major philosophical point of

The New York Times Owes Jason Mattera an Apology

My friend Jason Mattera, Young America’s Foundation spokesman and conservative gadfly, is never afraid to speak his mind. Even if you don’t totally embrace his style, he’s thoroughly entertaining and a really great, energetic guy. What he’s not, however, is

'Law and Order' Tackles Abortion

NBC’s venerable crime procedural, “Law & Order,” has endured a fair amount of deserved criticism around here lately. Big Hollywood’s thoughtful critiques of the show’s leftward slide and irksome predictability are, sadly, valid. Like many L&O fans, I’ve been forced

'Top Chef: Las Vegas' – Progress Report

We’re about midway through the current season of Top Chef, and in case you’ve missed it, here’s all you need to know: There are four clear favorites and two potential dark horses. Everyone else is dead weight, as far as

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