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Mexican Cartel War

US State Department: 181 Americans Murdered in Mexico Since 2013

Nearly two hundred U.S. citizens have been murdered in Mexico since 2013. Fierce gunfights, kidnappings, bus hijackings, car-jackings and extortion by Mexican cartels are all possibilities that could be faced by U.S. citizens travelling into Mexico. These have resulted in the murder of 181 Americans in the past two years.
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Texas Judge Pleads Guilty To Federal Bribery Charges

A former Texas state district court judge from San Antonio has pleaded guilty to federal charges in connection with taking cash for favorable rulings from defense attorneys and will spend two years in prison. Angus Kelly McGinty, the former state judge for the 141st State District Court went before a U.S. federal judge in New Mexico where he pleaded guilty to one of the five counts filed against him which included wire fraud and bribery.
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Texas Border Cop Allegedly Transporting Illegal Aliens to Pay Off Gambling Debt

A Texas border county's reserve deputy constable remains behind bars after federal agents arrested him along with three illegal aliens that he is alleged to have been transporting in his car. Agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arrested Luis Enrique Guevara this week after Robstown Police pulled him over for speeding and authorities learned that he had three illegal aliens from Mexico in his car, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.
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WaPo Hypes Mexican Cartel, Gets it Wrong

As the once relatively quiet Mexican state of Jalisco becomes battleground of brazen attacks between cartel gunmen and police, it seems that a major news outlet, the Washington Post, may have jumped the gun in claiming that Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion is becoming the most powerful crime syndicate in Mexico.
Police detective runs for cover during a police operation to regain control of a jail in Ciudad Juarez

Mexican Cartel Takes the Fight to Authorities — Kills 15 Cops in Ambush

A new cartel war appears to be taking place in Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Unlike the wars in the northern part of the country where rival cartel factions fight each other for control of lucrative areas, the new war pits a drug cartel against Mexico’s police. In the most recent shootout, a group of cartel hitmen ambushed a convoy of state police officers travelling along the highway that connects the state capital of Guadalajara with the resort town of Puerto Vallarta. The attack killed 15 police officers and injured 5 others, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Jalisco Attorney General’s Office revealed.
A soldier stands guard among marijuana plants at an illegal plantation found during a military operation on Friday at the Culiacan mountains, northern Mexico, Monday, Jan. 30, 2012. The drought in northern Mexico is so bad that it has hurt even illicit drug growers and their normally well-tended crops of marijuana and opium poppies, Gen. Pedro Gurrola, commander of army forces in the state of Sinaloa, said Monday.

EXCLUSIVA: Los Zetas Cultivaron Plantío de $2 Millones en Suelo Texano

Agentes de la ley de Estados Unidos descubrieron un campo de marihuana de dos millones de dólares en Texas vinculado al cártel mexicano de Los Zetas. El campo fue descubierto en el Condado de Webb, cerca de la ciudad fronteriza de Laredo, Texas. El vínculo con el grupo delictivo fue confirmado por el agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza, Héctor Garza, en declaraciones a Breitbart Texas en su papel como presidente del Consejo Nacional de la Patrulla Fronteriza (NBPC, por sus siglas en inglés) Local 2455. El agente Garza se negó a nombrar la organización criminal transnacional mexicana específica implicada en este caso, a pesar de que reconoció que tanto en Nuevo Laredo, México, y Laredo, Texas, son regiones que están controladas por el cártel de Los Zetas y que despiadadamente niegan la competencia en su territorio.
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Clowns, Comedians and Narco-Stars Taking Over Mexican Politics

The upcoming federal elections in Mexico has resulted in a number of actors, clowns and soccer stars seeking a spot in the arena of Mexico’s political elite. While many pundits already consider Mexican politicians to be buffoons, this latest political move adds a literal sense to the joke.

Mexican High Court Rules Against Former Tamaulipas Governor Wanted by US Feds

A former Mexican governor wanted in the U.S. and in Mexico on drug conspiracy and money laundering charges may soon find himself behind bars after a Mexican high court denied his request for an injunction on the warrant issued out for his arrest. A recent ruling by the Second Tribunal in Penal Matters in Mexico sided with a previous ruling by a Mexican federal judge that the arrest warrant against former Tamaulipas governor Tomas Yarrington was valid, Mexico’s SDP Noticias reported.

Gulf Cartel Regional Boss Captured near Texas Border

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas -- Mexican authorities caught a regional commander of the Gulf Cartel near the Texas border. Despite his ridiculous nickname, he had made a name for himself as one of the fiercest and most cruel enforcers for the criminal organization.
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*AVISO CONTENIDO FUERTE* Cartel Chronicles: Reynosa, Un Día Más de Balaceras

REYNOSA – Una tarde más en la frontera, un día más de peligro en la ciudad de Reynosa Tamaulipas donde esta semana se dieron dos enfrentamientos entre integrantes del crimen organizado y fuerzas federales. El clima sigue tenso en esta ciudad y la violencia no se detiene a pesar de los constantes operativos de fuerzas armadas que se intensificaron después de la nueva confrontación entre grupos dentro del Cartel del Golfo.
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*WARNING GRAPHIC* Cartel Chronicles: Reynosa, Another Day Another Shootout

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas –Another afternoon near the border, another day of shootouts in the border city of Reynosa where earlier this week cartel gunmen and federal forces clashed. The community remains tense in the city and the violence does not stop in spite of the various operations by government task forces that were recently intensified when the various factions of the Gulf cartel went to war.

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Catch Longtime DEA Fugitive Near Texas Border

MCALLEN, Texas -- Federal authorities have arrested a key suspect wanted in connection with a 2007 drug conspiracy distribution that pushed ton quantities of marijuana from the Texas border to North Carolina and Mississippi. The arrest of the DEA fugitive comes after the suspect spent more than 8 years on the run. The case is yet another example of how the Gulf Cartel has been able to move ton quantities of drugs across America.

Smugglers Hide Large Drug Load in Oilfield Equipment Near Texas Border

Moving drugs through highways used by oil workers and hiding drugs within oilfield equipment appears to be a new strategy being used by drug traffickers seeking to move large narcotic loads to northern cities. Earlier this week, Texas State Troopers arrested Carlos Lozano, a Mexican national who had been driving a tractor trailer loaded with more than 4,030 pounds of marijuana. The drug seizure occured just west of the border city of Roma, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

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