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Cartel Shootout Leaves 5 Dead near Texas Border

A fierce gun battle between Gulf Cartel members and the Mexican military left five gunmen dead near the Texas border city of Rio Bravo. The shootout took place when a Mexican military convoy was conducting routine patrols near an intersection on the main highway connecting the city of Rio Bravo with the border city of Matamoros, information released by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

An F4 tornado caused massive destruction in the Mexican border city of Acuna

6-Second Tornado Kills 13 in Mexican City Bordering Texas

Six seconds is all it took for a EF-4 tornado to bring chaos to the Mexican border city of Ciudad Acuna, destroying 750 homes, killing 13 individuals — including three children — and sending hundreds of victims to local hospitals. As Breitbart Texas reported, the tornado ripped an infant from a mother’s arms.

Cartel members threw left a grenade at the La Gran Pulga in Matamoros a flea market that is just steps away from that city's federal courthouse.

Cartel Chronicles: Ataques Con Granada Continuan Azotando Ciudad Fronteriza

Breitbart Texas viajo a las ciudades fronterizas Mexicanas de Reynosa y Matamoros para reclutar a ciudadanos periodistas dispuestos a arriesgar sus vidas para exhibir a los carteles que amordazan a sus comunidades. Los escritores recibirían una muerte segura a manos del Cartel Del Golfo si no usaran un seudónimo. Breitbart’s Las Crónicas De Carteles serán publicadas tanto en inglés como en su contenido original de Español. Este artículo fue escrito por “JA Espinoza” de Matamoros.

Mexican authorities take down a complex surveillance system set up by the Gulf Cartel in the border city of Reynosa

Gulf Cartel Had Camera Surveillance System Across Mexican Border City

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Mexican authorities have dismantled a massive surveillance system used by the Gulf cartel in a city bordering Texas. The system was made up of surveillance cameras and spread throughout the city. The cameras were placed in as many as 52 different spots on top of light and telephone poles. They were used to send online video to organized crime members about the actions of the average citizen as well as the movements of state and federal authorities, information provided to Breitbart Texas from the Tamaulipas government revealed.

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Cartel Violence Hits Mexico City

As the Mexican government continues to downplay cartel violence, a group of cartel gunmen stormed a federal police station in Mexico City in an effort to rescue the brother of a jailed capo. In that same day Mexican authorities found 11 bags filled with human remains in a nearby train station.

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