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Ildefonso Ortiz

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Laredo Smugglers

Breitbart Texas Report Forces Authorities to Secure Border Park Used by Los Zetas Cartel

LAREDO, Texas — Just days after Breitbart Texas revealed that Los Zetas cartel drug smugglers were running wild in this border city by using a popular border park to run their drugs, authorities have since stepped up their presence in the area. Though local and federal authorities had been made aware that drug runners were using the children’s park in broad daylight, they took no action until Breitbart Texas was the first media outlet to cover the issue.

MS-13 Gang Member

Previously Deported MS-13 Gang Member Caught at Texas Border

A previously deported member of the fearsome Salvadoran MS-13 prison gang has been arrested near this the Texas border with Mexico. The previously deported MS-13 gang member known as “El Diablo” had been convicted of stabbing an innocent man at a restaurant in Chesterfield Virginia and leaving him for dead. The case was considered at the time by Virginia authorities to be one of the most violent acts by the MS-13 in the area.

AP Photo/David Goldman

Texas Drug Shootout Kills One near Border

MISSION, Texas — An apparent drug theft turned into a shootout in this border city and left one person dead. The shootout comes after various home invasions have been reported along the Texas border where multiple gunmen storm rural houses looking for drug shipments or cash.

Public School Protest Sign

Texas Border Public School Board Members Indicted on Federal Bribery, Extortion Charges

DONNA, Texas — Two Texas border public school board members have been indicted on bribery and attempted extortion charges. The charges were handed down Friday morning when the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Texas unsealed an indictment charging two of the board members with bribery and extortion in connection with services contracts for the district. A third person who is believed to have acted as a middleman has also been charged.


Human Smugglers Busted with Nearly 70 Illegal Aliens — Women May Have Been Raped

Authorities at the Texas border have busted a human smuggling cell connected to Mexican drug cartels that appears to be responsible for smuggling hundreds of illegal aliens. During the investigation, authorities arrested approximately 70 illegal aliens who were being housed in two separate stash houses where it appears that some of the women may have been violated.