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Mexico Enerty Reform REUTERS-Brian Snyder

US Companies Investing in Mexico Regularly Harassed by Drug Cartels

As U.S. oil companies look south of the border in order to take advantage of the new energy reform, one of Mexico’s sad realities surfaces. Drug cartels have unrivaled control of vast territories in that country and in order to exploit the natural resources, American companies will likely have to deal with theft and other crimes from those cartels just like other companies are already doing. In some cases, they will even have to pay protection money.
Capital Murder Charges

Previously Deported Criminal Alien Kidnapped, Stabbed and Left to Die by Human Smugglers

EDINBURG, Texas – Five previously deported illegal aliens and a human smuggler have all been arrested in connection with the kidnapping and stabbing of another illegal alien that was left for dead in a rural border area. Authorities were able to identify the stabbing victim as only a 25-year-old previously deported convicted felon who remains in serious condition at a local hospital.
U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne speaks at the presentation of three new UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters at the Navy's headquarters in Mexico City

Obama’s Arms Race Fuels Mexican Drug War

As Mexico continues to spiral into chaos with their out of control cartel violence, the U.S. government continues to fuel the drug war by providing weapons, helicopters and hummers to what is considered by many to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
Students march in favor of immigration reform and the Dream Act through downtown Phoenix

DREAMer Arrested in Sexual Predator Sting Near Texas Border

A Honduran man who had entered the country illegally but had been allowed to stay under Obama’s DREAM Act is now facing federal charges after he allegedly tried to lure a 14-year-old into a hotel room for sex. The girl turned out to be a federal agent. "Hernandez-Rodas is a Honduran National who resided in Laredo legally under the deferred action for childhood arrivals (Dream Act)," according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office obtained from Breitbart Texas .
Rio Grande City Police Car - RGCPD

Border Corruption: Texas Border Narcotics Detective Accused of Helping to Steal Drugs

MCALLEN, Texas -- A Texas border police detective who worked narcotics cases is facing federal charges after an undercover sting caught him allegedly helping to steal what he thought were 8 kilos of cocaine from the a Mexican cartel. The drugs didn’t belong to the Gulf Cartel, which is the dominant criminal organization in the area, but in fact were planted by federal agents with U.S. Homeland Security Investigations as part of the operation in an effort to capture the detective and his alleged accomplice, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.
Hidalgo County SO Shooting Scene

High Profile Fugitive With Cartel Ties Attacks Texas Border Cops, Dies In Shooting

MISSION, Texas -- A wanted fugitive with apparent connections to a Mexican drug cartel is dead after attacking Texas border sheriff’s deputies who were trying to arrest him. The shooting took place just north of the border city of Mission where authorities tried to arrest the wanted man. It remains unclear, at this time, if the fugitive fired a weapon at authorities or if he used some other weapon to attack them.

Two US Border Patrol Agents and Mexican Child Injured in Boating Crash on Texas Border

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents and a Mexican child were injured in what appears to have been a boating accident along the Rio Grande River on the Texas border with Mexico. While the case remains under investigation and the information is preliminary in nature, two agents on a boat had been conducting routine patrols around Anzalduas Park when a Mexican boat abruptly turned into the path of the U.S. border patrol boat causing a collision, said RGV Sector Chief Kevin Oaks during a news conference that Breitbart Texas attended.
El Chuyin

Mexican Authorities Capture Heir to Juarez Cartel

The Mexican government has announced the capture of the man described as the heir to the Juarez Cartel. The capture of Jesus “El Chuyin” Salas Aguayo was not an easy one since the capo and his men appear to have put up a fight in the town of Ahumada Chihuahua. The firefight left at least one person dead and led to Mexican authorities seizing various vehicles, weapons, communication equipment and drugs, said Mexico’s National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido in a televised press conference.
Mexican Cartel War

US State Department: 181 Americans Murdered in Mexico Since 2013

Nearly two hundred U.S. citizens have been murdered in Mexico since 2013. Fierce gunfights, kidnappings, bus hijackings, car-jackings and extortion by Mexican cartels are all possibilities that could be faced by U.S. citizens travelling into Mexico. These have resulted in the murder of 181 Americans in the past two years.
Angus Kelly McGinty - KSAT Screenshot

Texas Judge Pleads Guilty To Federal Bribery Charges

A former Texas state district court judge from San Antonio has pleaded guilty to federal charges in connection with taking cash for favorable rulings from defense attorneys and will spend two years in prison. Angus Kelly McGinty, the former state judge for the 141st State District Court went before a U.S. federal judge in New Mexico where he pleaded guilty to one of the five counts filed against him which included wire fraud and bribery.
CC constable

Texas Border Cop Allegedly Transporting Illegal Aliens to Pay Off Gambling Debt

A Texas border county's reserve deputy constable remains behind bars after federal agents arrested him along with three illegal aliens that he is alleged to have been transporting in his car. Agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arrested Luis Enrique Guevara this week after Robstown Police pulled him over for speeding and authorities learned that he had three illegal aliens from Mexico in his car, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.
Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion - YouTube

WaPo Hypes Mexican Cartel, Gets it Wrong

As the once relatively quiet Mexican state of Jalisco becomes battleground of brazen attacks between cartel gunmen and police, it seems that a major news outlet, the Washington Post, may have jumped the gun in claiming that Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion is becoming the most powerful crime syndicate in Mexico.

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