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Is China's Green Energy A Myth?

While politicians hawking policies supporting green energy warn that China is overtaking us in that race, many forecasters and analysts think China’s green energy future is a myth. While China is putting more money into green energy technologies than the

America Can Be An Energy Superpower

Guess what? America could have enough oil resources to meet today’s oil demand levels in the future for decades without importing from unfriendly foreign countries. That is the conclusion of a new report from theNational Petroleum Council (NPC).[i] The report

Green Keynesianism

As world financial markets are whipsawed with each new piece of news, pundits from all stripes are declaring the economic “recovery” has been bogus all along. Yet rather than recognizing that the enormous Keynesian “stimulus” of the last three years

Obama And Our Energy Realities

The Obama Administration’s energy policy is all about providing special government (taxpayer) favor for energies that consumers would otherwise reject as too expensive and/or unreliable. Ethanol, wind power, and on-grid solar power, indeed, have been artificially constructed by government largesse


Last year, the Obama Administration placed a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After that ban was lifted, they left a permitorium in place so that American energy companies were still unable to return to work in the