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Sherrod Brown Stands for Bigger Government

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is the most liberal member of the United States Senate, according to NationalJournal vote rankings. Senator Brown supports the freaks of Occupy Wall Street, opposes free trade, and was the deciding vote for Obamacare. That vote could

Union 'Progress' Could Mean Ohio's Bankruptcy

Ohio’s government unions claim to represent simple, positive principles. Good jobs. Workers’ rights. Progress. The reforms in Issue 2 were voted down because union bosses warned dramatically, expensively, and dishonestly how dark Ohio would be with elected officials controlling local

Ohio Unions Out-Spend, Out-Spin to Beat Back Reform

Though the Wisconsin union circus produced widespread union-reform fatigue, you might be wondering what went wrong with Issue 2 in Ohio. As an Ohio conservative who happened to start researching government unions a few months before the General Assembly tackled

Help Ohio Fight Union Bosses and Obamacare!

From 2000-2010, Ohio lost 595,200 private industry jobs, faring better than only Michigan and California. In 2010 the state had the 7th-highest tax burden and 47th-best business climate. Although Governor Kasich has been working since January to get Ohio back

Union Bosses Don't Deserve Ohio's Trust

To kill government union reform in Ohio, Ohio’s NEA affiliate charged every member an extra $54 this year. The Ohio Education Association (OEA) has contributed $5.8 million to a $30.5 million campaign whose message is equal parts simple and dishonest:

'We Are Ohio' Uses $30 Million to Kill Union Reform

Union bosses in Ohio and Washington, D.C. are – oddly enough – opposed to the sensible government union reforms in Ohio’s Senate Bill 5. Exactly how opposed? Combine yesterday’s cash and in-kind numbers from the Ohio Secretary of State with

In Ohio, Perry Finds Room to Romney's Right

Somehow the Mitt Romney campaign thought it’d be awesome to stop at a Cincinnati call center for Ohio Issues 2 & 3, and then not endorse a Yes vote on both issues. Since Yes is the obvious conservative choice on