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USS Hillary Clinton Slowly Sinking

In response to Hillary Loses: You Read It In A Magazine: This whole phony baloney invincible  facade the media has created for Hillary Clinton is slowly being pealed away, as more and more liberal Americans, including some of those very

Obama Negotiates Release of American in Cuba

It appears that the Obama administration has one again negotiated with terrorists to secure the release of American Alan Gross, who has been held prisoner in communist Cuba for 5 years.  The terrorist group the U.S. is suspected of negotiating

Will Americans Forget About Obamacare's Rollout?

In response to Jonathan Gruber 1 Year Ago: ‘Short Attention Span Of American Public’ Will Help Them Forget About Disastrous ACA Rollout (Video): Actually, Gruber is correct in saying that the “short attention span of the American public works to

Another American Sympathetic to ISIS Arrested

 Another idiot American sympathetic to ISIS, or Islamic extremism, has been accused of pushing ISIS’ agenda and  conspiring to offer “to help an undercover agent get a friend into Syria to join the extremist group.” Heather Elizabeth Coffman made her

Loose-Lipped Gruber Fuels GOP Obamacare Attacks

 A Democrat Party assassination squad has surely been put on  notice to take out Jonathan Gruber now that a fourth Obamacare snafu has surfaced. I’m kidding. Democrats are not going to go out and actually take Gruber out. Gruber is

Keystone XL Vote Expected This Week In Senate

XL oil pipeline, is only being held because outgoing Senate Majority leader Harry Reid hopes that it will help embattle Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu retain her seat in next month’s run-off election in Louisiana. The word around town is that

GOP Should Prevail In LA, But…

In response to Palin, Robertson Head All Star Line Up For Cassidy in Louisiana : I have a feeling that the entire Republican Party, including the squishy ones in the middle, and those that lean further right than others in

Wait For The Next Wave Of Losses For Democrats

In response to Hit By Wave, Democrats Avoided A Tsunami: I totally agree that he Democrat Party avoided a political “tsunami” on election night, but give it time. Landrieu could lose her seat, giving the GOP 55 Senate seats.  Now

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