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Morsi's Downfall: A Despot in Reformer's Clothing

Morsi's Downfall: A Despot in Reformer's Clothing

There was major confusion over a Facebook post from my new Facebook friend Walid Phares this morning. You may recall Phares is a professor and commentator of global terrorism and Middle Eastern Affairs. He is well published and well noted.  But

What Obama Isn't Telling You About the Middle East

What Obama Isn't Telling You About the Middle East

The biggest issue Israel faces today is not the garden-variety Arab Spring. It also is not whether equality and democracy reign in Israel. It’s also surprisingly not the Palestinian-Israeli conflict many associate as the bone of contention of the region.

Taking the Pro-Israel Pulse

Taking the Pro-Israel Pulse

When the International Olympic Committee recently denied recognition of 11 Israeli Olympians murdered during the Munich Games in its opening ceremony, and Mitt Romney’s ad campaign dinged President Obama for not visiting Israel during his term, many turn to grassroots

Mavi Marmara Sequel: Knife-Wielding 'Aid' Ship Goes to Court

Mavi Marmara Sequel: Knife-Wielding 'Aid' Ship Goes to Court

Does political posturing pass as an indictment in Turkey’s judicial system these days? Is Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan using a page from the old Arab League, post-Shah Iranian playbook again? Will Turkey’s poorly-written sequel about an “aid” ship with

Say Hello to the Party of Fix America

It’s true January 19, 2012 just after 8 p.m. EST became a historic day for millions of Americans but for a completely different reason than CNN contributor Roland Martin offered. Martin would have you believe this is the moment the

Exposing the Palestinian Narrative Gingrich-Style

Somehow, left-leaning journalists just can’t twist the truth enough to put a dent in the campaign of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. All polls show Gingrich gaining. Yet some are desperately trying to change that. Now, self-professed Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab

Erdogan, Send Your Warships To Niger Instead

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayipp Erdogan recently raised eyebrows when he deep-sixed Israeli diplomats from Turkey. But it was his later remarks broadcast on Al Jazeera television that Turkish warships would accompany Turkish aid vessels to Palestinians in the Gaza

Flotilla-O-Rama: The Sequel

Do you support a cause drowning in innuendo? Share facts online when lies are reported erroneously? Take action via Twitter, Facebook or in person to evoke a brighter future? Many would argue activism to improve the lives of others is

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