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Terror And Rage: It’s Ramadan And The Muslims Are Hangry

You may have noticed that something is disturbing the balmy tranquility of the great British summer at the moment. Uber drivers are swerving more dangerously than usual, BMW owners are angrily shouting at old ladies to hurry up on the Zebra crossings and, if you drive through some neighbourhoods you can even see gangs of youths looking longingly through the windows of fried chicken shops.

In defence of revenge porn

Revenge porn–posting explicit pictures of someone else online–is back in the limelight following the conviction in California earlier this month of Kevin Bollaert, the man responsible for a website specialising in hosting other people’s revenge porn. The conviction of Mr

Inside the sick, secret world of online bestiality forums

For centuries, people with unusual obsessions and inclinations have found it hard to engage communally in their predilections, especially when the latter are of a somewhat taboo nature. But the Internet is changing things, perhaps not entirely for the better. Most

In Defence of the Patriarchy

In Defence of the Patriarchy

“Who run the world?” asks Beyoncé in her recent hit song, before answering unequivocally: “Girls.” Her record was the first many had heard of this change of leadership–but it makes you think, doesn’t it? What would the world be like