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Ebony Magazine, The RNC And, Liberal Projectionism

When Ebony Magazines’s senior digital editor Jamilah Lemieux reduced RNC deputy press secretary Raffi Williams to his race (she called him white) and compared conservatives to a “house full of roaches,” she was demonstrating a toxic brand of reflexive scorn that too

Think Progress' Incredibly Sexist Solution to Prevent Poverty

Refuting Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s argument that marriage is the, “greatest tool to lift people, to lift children and families from poverty,” Think Progress writer Bryce Covert claimed that widening access to early sex education, contraception, and family planning methods are

Your Race-Obsessed Headline of the Day: 'Skin Tone Memory Bias'

Researchers from San Francisco State University have found that people subliminally associate “successful black people” with having lighter skin based on cultural stereotypes that liken darker skin with ignorance and negativity.  Lead researcher Dr. Ben-Zeev submits that, “racial prejudices and stereotypes

Phony Outrage: The Phil Robertson Witch-Hunt

Phony Outrage: The Phil Robertson Witch-Hunt

If Phil Robertson thinks he’s seen the worst parts of media hysteria over his gay remarks, he’s got another thing coming because there are few media reactions more absurd than those fueled by black victimhood. A Huffington Post headline reads,

McAuliffe, 'I Will Be a Brick Wall' for Abortion Advocates

McAuliffe, 'I Will Be a Brick Wall' for Abortion Advocates

During a campaign coffee social at George Mason University, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was asked his stance on abortion and said, “I would support stopping any restrictions.”  McAuliffe, who has avoided explaining his position on abortion in the past did not shy

Students Waterboard Each Other to Protest Guantanamo Bay

Students Waterboard Each Other to Protest Guantanamo Bay

Ball State University students Matthew Smith and Caleb Hoagland held an on-campus protest urging the closing of Guantanamo Bay.   Smith, dressed in military garb, waterboarded Hoagland who was wearing an orange jumpsuit similar to the ones worn by Guantanamo

Black Leaders Still Silent on Black-on-Black Crime

After the outcry following the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman, most of the loudest voices among the so-called leaders of the black community remain silent on the subject of black-on-black crime. I tackle this issue today in the Atlanta

More Mindlessness From Melissa Harris-Perry

In another promotional ad for her weekend show, Melissa Harris-Perry doubled down on dumb:  “My father grew up in the Jim Crow south. And he would give me birthday cards, and instead of signing them ‘Love, Daddy,’ always signed them,

Sen. Rand Paul Is On To Something

Senator Rand Paul’s appearance yesterday at Howard University (a.k.a “Mecca”), was gutsy and surprising. But what was not surprising was the wall of doubt and indifference that separated Sen. Paul and the crowd of mostly black students.  Sen. Paul said

Newtown Families Featured in Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, recently released television ads featuring the family members of children killed in the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The ads call for tougher

5 Reasons Why Liberals Hate Dr. Ben Carson

Recently, American University Professor Deen Freelon tweeted that Dr. Ben is “the right wing go-to black token.” This sort of rhetoric is hateful. It’s hurtful, counterproductive and intellectually weak. Professor Deen Freelon’s statement is disgusting, dreary and predictable. The Left hates

The Game (Michelle Malkin's Nemesis) Gets an Obama tattoo

The always controversial ‘Jesus Piece’ rapper, who famously called for a boycott on Fox News 11 and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, recently paid homage to President Obama by having a picture of the president’s faced tattooed on his chest. 

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