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Animal Rights Activists Hijacking USDA

Animal Rights Activists Hijacking USDA

For most Americans, contact with the United States Department of Agriculture is rare, save for reading the occasional sticker on a package of ground chuck or baby carrots.  For farmers and animal breeders, the USDA is an ever-present and often

A New Legal Challenge to ObamaCare

A New Legal Challenge to ObamaCare

This is important: America needs a hero, and the Doctor is In. To prevent the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act in Texas, Dr. Steve Hotze, a Houston physician announced he is suing the federal government, claiming the ACA violates

Gun Show Bans Products Targeted by Left

Gun Show Bans Products Targeted by Left

Reed Exhibition is a British company currently organizing and promoting one of America’s largest outdoor shows called the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS). This show attracts over a 1000 businesses large and small, with over 200,000 in attendance. This

Rep. Marcy Kaptur Has Failed Ohio

Rep. Marcy Kaptur Has Failed Ohio

The heartland of our state has had its guts kicked in by recession and is now laden with closed factories, struggling farms, abandoned homes, and desperately high unemployment. Our formerly proud big cities are now shadows of the productive powerhouses

A Government for the Rest of Us

It seems like everyday I wake up and it’s the same old story with politics and politicians: If you vote for my bill, I’ll support yours; the Republicans hate this and the Democrats hate that; you scratch my earmark and

The Rise of the Citizen

Since when did it become OK to run right over the majority views of the American people? Since never. When Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decided it was more important to cut deals with interest groups and each

We've Been Sacked by the Humane Society

While Americans across the country have entered the political game to save our country, moving that proverbial ball of freedom towards the end zone, we’ve been sacked. Blindsided. We’ve been so focused on legislative elections (and rightly so) that most

It Is Time For a New Tax Revolt

We will never control our government until we control the federal tax system. It is corrupted and unfair and feeds unchecked government growth. It has made the federal government far more powerful than what was supposed to be its equal–our

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