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Joel B. Pollak

Joel B. Pollak

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Greg Suhr

Black Lives Matter Wins Again: S.F. Police Chief Suhr Resigns

San Francisco Police Department Police Chief Greg Suhr resigned suddenly on Thursday, at the request of Mayor Ed Lee, after protests by the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement had targeted Suhr for months, following a scandal over racist and homophobic texts sent by police officers, and several recent officer-involved shootings.

Trump supporter hoists hat (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Politico Claims Donald Trump Is Not Attracting New GOP Voters

Politico claimed Tuesday that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not expanding the Republican party, despite record turnout in party primaries in 2016. Politico’s Shane Goldmacher argues that despite Trump’s claim to have brought “millions and millions” of new

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Yes, Republican Jews Support Donald Trump

The headline in Politico asks: “Trump: Bad for Jewish Republicans?” The article suggests many conservative (small “c”) Jews are having trouble coming around to the GOP’s presumptive nominee. It does not cite polling data; instead, it relies on opinions, such as those of Anti-Defamational League CEO (and former Obama administration official) Jonathan Greenblatt, which is a bit like asking the head of PETA what she thinks of the steaks at Applebee’s now that they’ve changed their menu.

Flavia Cuervo (Twitter)

Hundreds of Harvard Women Protest to Keep Same-Sex Clubs

More than two hundred members of the Crimson Women’s Coalition demonstrated in Harvard Yard on Monday against a new policy to ban undergraduates from joining same-sex organizations like fraternities, sororities and especially elite “final clubs.”