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Prophet Cartoon Contest Shooting

Power, Principle and Freedom of Speech

Belief in a “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment is a perfect expression of power over principle, because the power to define and suppress “hate speech” would be enormous. We don’t have to imagine its dimensions, because every totalitarian regime in recent history claimed such powers.

CENTCOM YouTube Hacked

Garland Shooter Online Pen Pal Linked to Centcom Twitter Hack

Counter-terrorism authorities are naturally interested in whatever connections Garland shooters Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi might have had with international terrorist organizations – such as ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the attack on Pamela Geller’s Mohammed Art Exhibit. Social-media activity by the slain terrorists is being carefully examined.


China Accuses Philippines of Violating South China Sea Agreement

If China’s talk of rebuilding the legendary “Silk Road” trade route is a means of asserting dominance over Asian land and water, it is hardly the only muscle Beijing is flexing. Reuters reports that the Chinese are accusing the Philippines of violating a largely informal code governing the South China Sea by constructing military and civilian facilities on certain disputed islands. The Philippines Foreign Ministry levels the exact same charge against China.

AP Photo/Michel Euler

Graphic Novel Legends Neil Gaiman, Art Spiegelman Step Up to Honor Charlie Hebdo at PEN Gala

Last week, six writers serving as table hosts for the PEN American Center gala withdrew to protest the Freedom of Expression Courage Award given to Charlie Hebdo magazine. Now six new writers, including graphic novel legends Neil Gaiman and Art Spiegelman, have stepped forward to take their places. Their gesture is more important and appreciated than ever, in light of the anti-free speech attack in Texas on Sunday night.

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The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Shoot At People Who Draw Cartoons Of the Prophet Of Islam

There are no qualifiers necessary here, no “nuance,” no shades of grey, no weak-kneed dissertations on whether drawing a cartoon of Mohammed is rude. The right of Americans to draw those pictures, and be protected from violent reprisals, is absolute. If you’re not ready to stand up and be counted, then America doesn’t need you right now. Sit quietly and await further instructions from those who demand your submission.


U.S. Ambassador Counters Turkish Mayor ‘Stupid Blonde’ Insult at Marie Harf By Coloring His Hair

Last week, the mayor of Ankara – evidently inspired by Turkish media editorials, and soon joined by a large number of online supporters – referred to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf as a “stupid blonde.” The insult was part of a sour-grapes taunt at the State Department for daring to criticize heavy-handed Turkish police tactics, without also denouncing the curfew imposed during recent riots in Baltimore.

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Pakistan Accidentally Sends Beef to Hindu Survivors of Nepal Quake

The Times of India relates an awkward mistake in Pakistan’s much-needed, and generally much-appreciated, relief assistance to survivors of the earthquake in Nepal: “According to media reports, the food items in relief aid sent by Pakistan to Nepal included beef content (beef masala) in the food packets. Eating beef is prohibited in Hindu religion. Nepal is a majority-Hindu nation.”

REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Why Is Polygamy Bad?

Imagine of the level of coordinated social energy poured into marginalizing opponents of gay marriage could be diverted into encouraging marriage and fidelity! Obviously we all agree that social pressures are very powerful, and not inherently wrong – we just disagree on how they should be directed.


ISIS Orders Male Population Of Mosul To Grow Beards

According to the World Tribune, the latest demand inflicted upon the captive population of Mosul by their ISIS overlords is a ban against shaving male beards. The terror state has decreed that beards are mandatory under sharia law.

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