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Former Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch Talks About Persecution Of Christians

Twelve years on, former Iraqi prisoner-of-war Jessica Lynch is working as an inspirational speaker and an actress in Christian-themed films, including a new release called "One Church." She was interviewed on WABC Radio's The Rita Cosby Show over the weekend, where she expressed concerns about terrorism, the rise of ISIS in Iraq, and the persecution of Christians.
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European Union Accuses Google Of Anti-Competitive Practices

The European Union has been involved in what seems like a permanent investigation of Google for abusing its search-engine dominance. There is a certain through-the-looking-glass quality to Reuters' report on the latest developments, as Google is punished with anti-competitive regulations for allegedly engaging in anti-competitive practices.
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Al-Shabaab Bombs Van Transporting UN Staff, Killing Four UNICEF Reps

Al-Shabaab, the Somali terror gang currently aligned with al-Qaeda but increasingly believed to be tied to the Islamic State, attacked a minivan full of United Nations staff with a bomb this weekend. According to the UK Guardian, there were nine fatalities, including four representatives from UNICEF, the fabled United Nation's children's fund.

Abandoned By White House, Americans Describe Tense Escapes From Yemen

The "Escape From Yemen" story has become a tense subgenre of international journalism, as Americans left to fend for themselves by the Obama Administration seek flights to safety on foreign ships and planes. The spectacle of desperate Americans frantically looking for berths on Indian and Russian ships, while Team Obama spreads its hands and looks helpless, will not soon be forgotten.
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Hillary’s Foreign Policy Is A ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Subject For the Media

It is amazing that a former Secretary of State is running for President, with the world in flames due to the blunders of the Administration she used to be part of, at a moment when American voters have elevated foreign policy to one of their top concerns... and yet she has scarcely a word to say on the subject, and the media seems disinclined to ask her about it.
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Hizbullah Chief: We Are Going to Need Help Launching a War Against Israel

Lebanon's Hizbullah terror gang is normally one of the most active and belligerent terrorist organizations in the world. It is therefore significant that Hizbullah's Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, told a Syrian News TV interviewer that his organization is not capable of carrying out a war against Israel on its own.
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U.N. Calls on U.S. and Other Western Nations to Shelter Syrian Refugees

The New York Times writes that Syria's civil war is "creating the worst global refugee crisis in decades," and since the nations adjacent to Syria are already struggling to deal with some four million refugees, the United Nations wants the United States and other Western nations to take in 130,000 Syrians over the next two years.
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Japan to Pass China as America’s Biggest Creditor

Americans are routinely told not to worry about how much of our titanic national debt is held by foreigners, but those who do keep track of such things may be relieved to know that our current number-one creditor, our totalitarian geopolitical adversary China, has been surpassed by our considerably less hostile ally Japan. Each of those nations holds a little over 10 percent of America's debt.
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Hillary Clinton, Robot Politics, and Burrito Media

They don't have to see Hillary as a fantastic candidate in order to abandon their duty of opposing her, the way they're supposed to oppose everyone who tries for high office, and America is supposed to be better-governed for it. They're on autopilot, running tired ideological programs written decades ago.

ISIS Threatens To Take Iraq’s Ramadi

Every recent news story about the battle against ISIS in Iraq has taken pains to quote the administration's assessment that about 25 percent of the Islamic State's territory has been recaptured. Pushing them out of Tikrit was a significant milestone, although it took considerably longer than planned.

Australian Defense Minister Refuses to Name Head of ISIS

Australian Defense Minister Kevin Andrews refused to speak the name of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during a TV interview this week. Australia is sending another 330 troops to assist Iraqi forces against the Islamic State. Interviewer Leigh Sales notes that the United States put great effort into taking down Osama bin Laden after 9/11, and wonders if similar emphasis could be put on capturing the leader of ISIS.
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Hillary Clinton Big On Social Media, Especially With People Who Don’t Exist

Like all efforts to measure true popularity and influence using Internet hits, it's interesting and relevant, because we live in the social media era, but such popularity is also fickle and easily faked. It seems like most politicians have tumbled to the idea of building up "Astroturf" political support, so they can brag about impressive numbers of Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
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ISIS Suicide Bomber Blown Sky-High by Kurdish Fighters

One of the most amazing videos to emerge from the Kurds' battle against ISIS is this footage, uploaded to Liveleak by a Kurdish activist, depicts an ISIS suicide car bomber getting blown sky-high by what appears to be the premature detonation of his explosive payload.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Reminder To Media: Helping Hillary Is Not Your Job

Here's the thing, reporters: it's your job to remind Americans that Hillary's under a thick cloud of scandal, and may end up under indictment, for running the off-the-books email server she was plugged into with that BlackBerry. It's your job to remind American voters, over and over again, that Clinton jeopardized national security and deliberately violated transparency laws by doing this.

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