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Inspired by ISIS, Kids in Yemen Set Fire to Ten-Year-Old Boy in Cage

Gulf News tells a story of ISIS' viral evil spreading into Yemen, which was hardly suffering from a shortage of villainy: "Inspired by the video of Daesh (Islamic State/ISIS) burning to death the Jordanian pilot Muath Al Kasaesbeh, a group of boys set about re-enacting the atrocity in their Al Dahthath village in Yemen’s northern province of Ibb."
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ISIS Loses Control of Over 20 Syrian Villages to Kurds–and Assad

File this report from the Daily Star of Lebanon under the category of "Yay ... I Guess," or perhaps "Two and a Half Cheers." It's good news that Islamic State (ISIS) forces have been pushed out of over 20 Syrian villages. The bad news is that Bashar al-Assad's regime did most of the pushing, with an assist from Kurdish militia units.

U.S.-Backed ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Group Dissolves

The long and lonely search for a white hat posse of "moderate" Syrian rebels that could be armed by the United States and turned into a weapon against both the Assad regime and its most effective military adversaries—namely, ISIS and al-Qaeda—suffered another grievous setback over the weekend, as the first Syrian rebel force, armed with American weapons, threw in the towel and pronounced itself kaput.
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Boko Haram Takes a Page from the ISIS Playbook with Beheading Video

The degree of coordination between Nigerian terror gang Boko Haram and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been a topic of much speculation among counterterrorism analysts. It has long been a matter of record that Boko Haram idolized ISIS and sought to emulate their ideology and tactics, creating a "caliphate" of their own in Africa.
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The Left Is Tired Of Persuasion

Liberalism doesn't have anything exciting or new to offer - even its plans for the Internet are drawn from 1930s telephone legislation. Yet the left has been very successful at imposing its ideas despite the clear will of voters - and reversing its policies will be difficult.

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