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PC Mindset Dumbing Down CBS's Sherlock Holmes Reboot

PC Mindset Dumbing Down CBS's Sherlock Holmes Reboot

I have watched a few episodes of CBS’s Elementary. I love crime stories and I have long been a fan of anything even vaguely related to Sherlock Holmes. But for someone reportedly as insightful as the main character, this resurrection

What Passes for Debate Among the Left in Academia

Academic debates occasionally get pretty ugly, and that is just the way it is. Sometimes they get really very ugly. There is one case that has bothered me for several years. James Q. Wilson is now 80 years old, and

Seven Myths About the Looming Debt-Ceiling 'Disaster'

If Congress and the president don’t raise the debt ceiling, the consequences will be disastrous, politicians and pundits tell us, — the equivalent of an economic Armageddon. And President Obama warns that the consequences are so dire that he cannot

Hero Gets Fired for Using a Gun to Stop Robbery

The police described it as an armed robbery and a hostage situation. Before dawn on Sunday, May, 8th, two robbers stormed into a Walgreens store wearing masks and gloves and carrying guns. Video cameras in the store on Napier Avenue

Why it Can Be Valuable to Carry a Gun and a Recorder

Carrying a gun protects people from criminals, but carrying an audio recorder can also pretty important. The Phildelphia Daily News yesterday showed just how valuable a tape recorder can be. Some police in Philadelphia apparently didn’t know what Pennsylvania and

Letting Obama Claim Credit On the Budget

Is President Obama really the Deficit-Cutter-in-Chief? After racking up massive deficits through his various Stimulus programs and facing continued losses from Obamacare, the White House is now trying to portray Obama as taking a leading role in solving the problem.

Media Matters' Potentially Lethal Distortions On Guns

Everyone wants to keep guns away from criminals, but gun control advocates, such as Media Matters, don’t want to acknowledge that there are costs to disarming law-abiding citizens. Lately Media Matters has particularly been incensed that anyone would point out

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