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Voter ID: Supreme Court Hands Scott Walker Another Win

Along with the many other reforms Republican Governor Scott Walker has successfully delivered n Wisconsin, just as his potential Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz announced his campaign for the presidency, the Supreme Court of the United States added another significant
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5 Reasons Why On Its 5th Anniversary ObamaCare Still Sucks

Today is ObamaCare’s 5th birthday, the most partisan major law ever passed, and it was done so by a president using procedural tricks, lies so expansive the word “Nixonian” doesn’t do them justice, and  a complicit and corrupt mainstream media
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Hillary Clinton: ‘We Really Need Camps for Adults’

The likely 2016 presidential candidate who believes it takes a village to raise a child is now proposing "camps for adults." Hillary Clinton is worried about America's "fun deficit," not our deficit-deficit, and told group gathered for a speech that "We really need camps for adults."

Huffington Post Pledges To Not Cover Trump Run Seriously

The Huffington Post announced Thursday that the left-wing outlet will not cover seriously any run Donald Trump might make for president. The announcement takes issue with Trump’s role as a celebrity (he hosts a popular NBC reality series, a bestselling

Report: Sinking MSNBC Prepares to Move Right

Just as it is at the ballot box here in America and Israel, leftism undisguised is dying in cable news. According to a Politico report, MSNBC is sinking fast and prepared to throw everyone overboard not named Joe Scarborough and
John Kerry

WaPo: ‘Does John Kerry Have a Brian Williams Problem?’

Serial embellisher and current Secretary of State John Kerry got the full boat of four Pinnochios from a brutal Washington Post fact check that compares the failed Democrat presidential contender to disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams. Earlier this week,

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