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Washington Post’s Erik Wemple–The Breitbart News Interview, Part 3

In part three of our three-part interview with Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple, we discuss the media's handling of the Hillary Clinton's email scandal, the appropriate role of fact-checkers in our media (specifically the Post's own Glenn Kessler), and a topic Wemple covers frequently and critically: Fox News.

Entitled: Hillary Clinton Parks In Handicap Spot

Although there appears to be an open spot directly in front of her, one stop along Hillary Clinton’s road trip was in a handicapped parking spot. — Woman of the people!! @HillaryClinton Scooby Doo Van parks in handicap spot
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New ‘Face the Nation’ Host Urged Obama to ‘Pulverize…Destroy…Delegitimize GOP’

It was announced over the weekend that on June 7 John Dickerson will replace Bob Schieffer as the host of CBS News' "Face the Nation." CBS News president David Rhodes -- whose brother Ben is a top Obama official most famous for editing the truth out of the infamous Benghazi talking points -- said of Dickerson, "John is first and foremost a reporter -- and that's what he'll be as anchor of 'Face the Nation.'"
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Victim-Blaming: Garry Trudeau Blasts Charlie Hebdo’s ‘Hate Speech’

Less than four months after Islamic fanatics stormed the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and butchered 12, while accepting the George Polk career award Friday, left-wing cartoonist Garry Trudeau blasted the dead with the claim that they had “wandered into the realm of hate speech.”
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Guardian Caught Lying About Rand Paul Walking Out of Interview

The same mainstream media that regularly gives tongue baths to Barack Obama is currently coordinating a narrative around Republican Senator Rand Paul’s temperament. Earlier this week, NBC’s Chuck Todd and the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza denigrated their female colleagues by

Hometown Residents Want Tribute to Brian Williams Torn Down

The indignities heaped upon suspended NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams just keep piling up, and by extension, almost certainly ensure he will not return to the anchor chair after his six-months in purgatory are complete. The latest was reported

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